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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

For a long time, the

For a long time, the judo school was successfully held in Žabljak and then in other places. The school programme did not change and its posebnom poglavlju najbolje govore o tome. Izuzetnoj snazi i agresivnosti dodata je tehnika {to je na{e d‘udiste u~inilo kompletnijim i students were also those who would later achieve top international results. The effects of the long-term, regular activities of the judo school uspje{nijim. U~esnici [kole bili su mnogi takmi~ari koji su postali at the national level were extraordinary. The results achieved, which vrhunski sportisti. Me|u njima bio je i Dano Panti}, apsolutni studentski prvak svijeta. will be presented in a separate chapter, speak best of it. The exceptional strength and aggressiveness complemented by improved techniques made Sekretar our judokas Sekretarjata more complete za sport and Op{tine successful. Podgorica, The school dugogodi{nji was attended by vrhunski jugoslovenski many competitors sportista, who Bo‘idar later developed Vuksanovi}, into top pokrenuo athletes. je i Among realizovao them inicijativu was Dano sli~nu Pantić, D‘udo the absolute {koli. Organizovani student world su champion. "Kampovi perspektivnih sportista" Op{tine Podgorica u kojima su u~estvovali najperspektivniji sportisti. Vi{e godina sam rukovodio Kampom Božidar Vuksanović, the secretary of the Secretariat for Sport of the Municipality of Podgorica, a longtime top Yugoslav athlete, launched and d‘udista u ~emu su mi pomagali Ratko Radonji}, Zoran Milovi}, implemented an initiative similar to a judo school. “Camps for Promising Milinko Labudovi}, Vuka{in \urovi}, Vuk Ra{ovi} i drugi. [kole su Athletes” were organized by the Municipality of Podgorica with the participation of the most promising athletes. Over the years I managed the odr‘avane u Kola{inu, Budvi i Ulcinju. Me|u brojnim u~esnicima Kampa, sada poznatim sportistima, bio je i Marko Radulovi} koji je judo camp helped by Ratko Radonjić, Zoran Milović, Milinko Labudović, bio ~lan D‘udo kluba "Tehni~ar" iz Podgorice. Dvadesetjednogodi{nji Vukašin Đurović, Vuk Rašović, to name only a few. The schools were Budva Camp for Promising Athletes Kamp perspektivnih sportista u Budvi 126 123

held in Kolašin, Budva and Ulcinj. Among the many participants of the Camp, now accomplished athletes, was Marko Radulović, then member of the judo club “Tehničar” from Podgorica. Marko, a twenty-one year old, is a double senior champion of the Balkans and the best so far ranked competitor from Montenegro at the Absolute Senior Europian Championship. Having taken into account the popularity of this sport, the Montenegrin Ministry of Education, at our initiative, included judo into the primary school curriculum as an elective subject. Upon the request of the Ministry, I prepared the programme of judo techniques which was published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro and was mandatory for students who chose judo as their elective subject. In the Ulcinj camp for promising athletes in 1992, elementary school physical education instructors and teachers from Montenegro were invited and shown judo techniques from the Programme by Vuk Rašović, Vukašin Đurović, Milinko Labudović and myself. The demonstration of the technique was videotaped, and the tape recordings presented to the teachers. Unfortunately, there have been no judo schools at the national level in Montenegro for quite a long time and there have been no judo belt exams or any systematic training in judo techniques for years already. Coaches and athletes have been left to their own devices, which in the long run, will have unforeseeable negative consequences. The aggravating factor for this situation is the fact that these types of errors cannot be corrected quickly and within a short period. The work on improving in clubs is not in itself enough, and education is no education without proper school training. In order to popularize judo and introduce a wider Montenegrin public with its history in Montenegro, in cooperation with the Montenegro Broadcasting Company, as an author, I started a first television judo school. The programme was broadcast on the third channel in four twentyminute episodes, starting on December 16, 1996 and finishing on January 27, 1997. These episodes were re-run several times. 127

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