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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš


9. COOPERATION If it were not for a generally accepted principle of “Mutual welfare and benefit”; the achieved results would not have been possible. Of course, the results I have in mind here are those achieved in the domain of personal development. One somewhat uncommon form of cooperation speaks of the desire of the participants to conquer new spaces of knowledge. Many aspects of cooperation between individuals, teams and judo unions are known. They have already been disussed in this book. Nevertheless, judokas developed cooperation with athletes, clubs and other sports organizations. For instance, football players would come to judo training sessions to learn judo falls, whereas jodokas would go to a football pitch and play football. In some cases it was noted that certain football players were gifted for judo, as well as that some judokas had football skills. It turned out that some athletes who had already proved their skills in one sport, in fact had more talent for the other.This brings to the fore the important issue of selection, which, unfortunately, has not been resolved to this day. This is why the role of managers here has been taken by moms, daddies and (their) prejudices and wishes rather than by scientific data or experts. An example of the cooperation between the judo club “Tehničar” and the karate club “Tehničar”, which were both operating at the University “Veljko Vlahović” in Podgorica, is probably quite special. 133

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