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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

Assembly and the

Assembly and the Presidency) were formed on parity basis. The Judo Union of Yugoslavia was the first to the form a parity based organization in the new country. Many unions were not able to reach such an agreement. At the constitutive Assembly of the Judo Union of Yugoslavia, part of the management of the Judo Union of Vojvodina, demanded for themselves the same status as the one held by the Judo Union of Montenegro and that of Serbia in the new organization. Some prominent athletes from Vojvodina publicly proposed a new organizational structure for the Judo Union of Yugoslavia based on regional principles with more regions, of which Montenegro would have represented one or two regions. These proposals were unanimously rejected by the eight members of the Judo Union of Montenegro and Serbia Assembly, four from Serbia and four from Montenegro. Good relationships between the management of the JUS and JUM were the result of a long-term cooperation as well as the commitment to the idea of sports and friendship prevailing over politics. A special role in the above-mentioned belonged to Vuk Rašović, one of the people most credited with the development of Montenegrin judo. Rašović was a long time sports executive and also held the position of the the president of the Judo Union of Yugoslavia. Vuk Rašović In the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Mirko Jovanović, the “Titograd” club coach was also engaged as the national team coach at the team preparations and some international competitions. Jovanović himself, as a competitor, won two second places - first in Novi Sad in 1974 and then in Zenica, a year later in the over 93 kg class. This is why he was also invited as a contestant, both to the preparations and membership of the national team. 138

Branko Branko Radujkovi}, Radujkovi}, Velizar Velizar Bukili}, Bukili}, Bo‘idar Bo‘idar Marku{, Marku{, Mirko Mirko Jovanovi}, Jovanovi}, Mom~ilo Mom~ilo Mili}, Mili}, Mihailo Mihailo Buri}, Buri}, Petar Petar Ili} Ili} i Du{an Du{an Martinovi} Martinovi} su su bili bili prve prve savezne savezne sudije sudije iz iz Crne Crne Gore Gore u biv{oj biv{oj SFR SFR Jugoslaviji. Jugoslaviji. Najvi{e Najvi{e su su bili bili anga‘ovani anga‘ovani Petar Petar Ili} Ili} i Bo‘idar Bo‘idar Marku{ Marku{ koji koji su su bili bili na na As a longtime member of the Expert Council and the official of the "A" "A" listi listi saveznih saveznih sudija sudija i vi{e vi{e od od petnaest petnaest godina godina sudili sudili na na dr‘avnim dr‘avnim JUY, I took different duties: I was a group leader, a referee and the prvenstvima, prvenstvima, u Saveznoj Saveznoj ligi ligi i drugim drugim takmi~enima. takmi~enima. Yugoslav national team coach in international competitions in Istanbul, Rome, Paris, Minster, Athens… Federal Savezne Savezne referees sudije sudije in u Makarskoj Makarskoj Makarska Federal Savezne Savezne referees sudije sudijeat na nathe drzavnom drzavnom national prvenstvu prvenstvu championship u Novom Novom in Novi Sadu Sadu Sad The most successful federal coaches were Milić Ilić, who coached seniors, and Vukašin Đurović and 135 135 Maja Vicković, who were at the help of the women’s team. The Yugoslav team manager for women was Dr Bojan Mandić and the athletic director of the JUY was Dragoljub Bečanović. Branko Radujković, Velizar Bukilić, Božidar Markuš, 135 135 Mirko Jovanović, Momčilo Milić, Mihailo Burić, Petar Ilić and Dušan Djido.pmd 9/29/2007, 16:14 Djido.pmd 9/29/2007, 16:14 139

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