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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

Martinović were the

Martinović were the first federal referees from Montenegro in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Petar Ilić and Božidar Markuš, who were on the “A” federal referees list and had judged for Mili} Radulovi}, Nail Banda i Miodrag \urovi}, zvanje Savezni more than fifteen years in national championships, the national league, sudija stekli su u SR Jugoslaviji a Zdravko Vu~ekovi}, Marinko \ur|evac and other i competitions, drugi, u zajednici were Srbija summoned i Crna Gora. most frequently. Mili} Judo Mili} Milić savez Radulovi}, Radulović, Jugoslavije Nail Nail Nail jeBanda odi i 1981. Miodrag and do Miodrag \urovi}, 2000. godine Đurović zvanjeorganizovao Savezni acquired the federal sudija referee stekli stekli i su manifestacije title suu uSR in SRthe Jugoslaviji Federal evropskog aRepublic a Zdravko i svjetskog of Vu~ekovi}, Yugoslavia, ranga. UMarinko to while vrijemeZdravko postignuti Vučeković, \ur|evaci su i drugi, Marinko i najbolji uu zajednici Đurđevac organizacioni Srbijai and i Crna iothers sportski Gora. obtained rezultati. the Otitle njima in je the State takmi~enja sudija ve} Union Judo Judo bilosavez of rije~i Serbia aJugoslavije posebno and Montenegro. je}e jeodod biti 1981. navedeni do do 2000. u poglavlju godine organizovao Rezultati. takmi~enjai i manifestacije evropskogi i svjetskog ranga. Utoto vrijeme Between su i 1981 and 2000, the i Judo Union of Yugoslavia je organized postignuti su i najbolji organizacioni i sportski rezultati. O njima je competitions and events at European and the world level. This was also ve} ve} bilo bilorije~i a a posebno }e }ebiti biti navedeniu u poglavlju Rezultati. Dragomir Be~anovi} Dragomir Bečanović Dragoljub Dragoljub Radulovi} Radulovi} Dragoljub Radulović 136 136 136 140 Dano Panti} Dano Panti} Dano Pantić Djido.pmd Djido.pmd 136 136 9/29/2007, 9/29/2007, 16:14 16:14

the time when the best organizational and sports results were achieved. They have already been discussed but will be dealt with in particular in the Results section. In a survey conducted by the two sports magazines, “Sport” from Belgrade and “Sports News” from Zagreb, Dragomir Bečanović was declared the best athlete of SFR of Yugoslavia in 1989. By winning the first place in the 1989 World Championship, Bečanović achieved the highest competitive success in Yugoslav judo. In 1989, due to considerable contributions to the development of judo, the International Judo Union (IJU) awarded Momčilo Milić, Milić Ilić and Božidar Markuš 5th Dan Black Belt and Petar Ilić, 6th Dan Black Belt , while the Yugoslav Minister of Sports prof. Zoran Bingulac, awarded Božidar Markuš with a Certificate of Merit in recognition of his contribution to the development of sports in Yugoslavia and abroad. The notorious political situation in the former federal republics and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia could not disrupt the relations between the judo Unions of Serbia and Montenegro, but tensions still could be felt. Some of the politicians from Serbia and Montenegro, including the Yugoslav president, Zoran Lilić, tried to establish different relations and different management. In the light of such conditions, at the end of my second presidential term in JUY, the work of the Union, apart from regular issues, the number of which being in no way small, carried the burden of a few additional ones as well. In such a situation, the work itself lost its purpose. The Federal Government, whose president was Momir Bulatović, was not recognized by the Montenegrin authorities who used to refer to it, even in official communication, as “illegitimate”, “so-called” and the like. What we did not expect was that even we, within the Judo Union of Yugoslavia, would suffer the consequences of its illegitimate procedures. The Yugoslav Ministry of Sport and its representative Labud Janković interfered with the work of the JUY in the rudest way possible. From his position of the Deputy Minister, he took the right to appoint a person to make decisions instead of the Union bodies, although this person had already been suspended by the authorities of Judo Union of Yugoslavia. Unwilling to accept such relations, on September 28, 141

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