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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

Josuhiro Jamashita and

Josuhiro Jamashita and Božidar Markuš, 1989 Josuhiro Jamashita i Bo`idar Marku{, 1989. Lidija Popović, Popovi}, Božidar Bo`idarMarkuš, Marku{, Dragana Salopek and i Branislav Crnogorac, Istanbul, 1988 1988. 144 140

11. THE MONTENEGRIN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE Many years of career in sport and participation in the sport management bodies of Montenegro and Yugoslavia, allowed me an insight into the true state of affairs, which shaped my attitude concerning it. I belonged to those athletes and sports professionals who always stood for equal treatment of the sports and athletes. I pointed out that when allocating funds for some sports disciplines, there was no equality and the results and the number of participants were not appreciated as they should have. Some sports and athletes were privileged. I participated in the formation of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee and as a member of its first Presidency gave a small contribution to its work. At that time the idea of starting the Montenegrin Olympic Committee did not enjoy full support even in Montenegro. Many sports officials in the state authorities, responsible for sports, stated that it was “a ridiculous idea in the minds of some sports workers”. A great deal of energy was employed in the activities aimed at securing the equal treatment to the representatives of Montenegro in the Yugoslav Olympic Committee compared to that their counterparts from Serbia received. It was also argued for decision making bodies to be established on a parity basis in all professional leagues, as it was the case with judo (there was but one representative from Montenegro in the Presidency of the Yugoslav Committee). 145

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