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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

The forerunner of the

The forerunner of the idea of the equality, independence and formation of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, was the Table-Tennis Union of Montenegro and its president, Saša Milačić. The Secretary of the Republican Union of Organizations for Physical Culture, Dragutin Martinović-Lale was a proponent of the idea and gave a large contribution to its realization in an extremely fair way. I remember prof. Gruja Radunović’s energetic exposés, and his advocacy for the equality and independence of the representatives of the University Union of Organizations for Physical Culture. The formation and work of the Olympic Committee of Montenegro saw huge obstacles and obstruction on the part of individuals and authorities in Montenegro. Huge pressure by individuals from state sports bodies, resulted in the adoption of the name “The Olympic Committee of Montenegro” instead of “The Montenegrin Olympic Committee”. From this time distance, I can clearly see that if the idea of equality and independence had not enjoyed support, it would have never taken hold. The Olympic Committee of Montenegro, at the time, was, in fact, a compromise between possibilities and preferences. About the long-standing commitment to the equality of Montenegro athletes in the Yugoslavian Olympic Committee testify the newspaper articles: “Equal in YOC” (“Žurnal” of November 23, 1996) and “Equality before All Things” (“Pobjeda”, November, 1996). The position I held in the organization and operation of the Olympic Committee of Montenegro enabled me to notice a very significant role which in its formation and work played by the following individuals: Miško Vuković, Božidar Vuksanović and Boro Vučinić. A large number of sports officials and athletes from various sport disciplines, members of the Presidency and others, contributed largely to the Montenegrin Olympic Committee so that it could be ready for the declaration of Montenegrin independence and to become a member of the International Olympic Committee. 146

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