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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš


12. VETERANS Even if all the participants in the events within the time span mentioned told their stories, the overall story would still be incomplete. My aim was not to mirror the past but, by presenting authentic data and documents, to make some events from it comprehensible. Judo veterans, members of the Judo Veterans Union of Montenegro, have among other things, a duty to maintain the link between the past and the present, all with the aim to mark the present and the future of judo with good achievements. It is because of the present and future development of judo and the objectives which are aimed at achieving through this sport, that it must not be forgotten that, although on an amateur basis, the heroes in this book inspired by the love and magic of judo, dedicated their youth and some of them most of their lives to building the foundation of a judo organization. As can be seen from the contents of this book, the foundations are strong enough for future generations to build on without fear that they might collapse. The Judo Veterans Unions of the former State Union of Serbia and Montenegro awarded deserving individuals from Montenegro in these ways: 1. In acknowledgement of their contribution to recognition and development of judo, the following were promoted to the rank of a Honorary Master of Judo: Vukoman Ćirović, Husnija Redžepagić, Miomir Radunović, Dragan Perović-Bobi, Lazar Vujović, Dragan Drobnjak and Miodrag Davidović, 149

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