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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

2. The following

2. The following deserving individuals were promoted to Dan ranks in recognition of their versatile contribution to the development of judo and a high degree of mastery of judo principles and techniques: - Velizar Bukilić and Svetozara Đurišić - 3rd Dan (black belt), - Radovan Đurišić, Predrag Madžarović,Vladimir Nikaljević and Mihailo Markuš - 4th Dan (black belt), - Slavica Đurović, Predrag Dmitrović - Miško, Dragan Lazović, Jugoslav Ivanović, Zuvdija Hodžić, Dragan Ivanović, Mihailo Burić, Momčilo Markuš and Marko Velimirović – 5th Dan (black belt), - Marko Trifunović, Momčilo Milić, Pavle Milić, Slobodan Mićković, Dragomir Škatarić – 6th Dan (a red-and-white belt) and, - Petar Ilić and Božidar Markuš 7th Dan (a red-and-white belt). On my initiative, a group of veterans formed the Judo Veterans Union of Montenegro, which is registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Montenegro by the decision No. 02-653/04 20 II in 2004. Although they gathered previously, since then the judo veterans of Montenegro have begun to practice and to prepare for participation in international competitions, to organize meetings, assist their members, write and publish books, which will, just like this one, be of benefit to fans and admirers of the Montenegrin sport in general. Doing judo at an advanced age, except for keeping good bodily to keep fit, serves to spiritual development and expansion of knowledge, and nurturing the noblest ethical and human values. The Judo Veterans Union of Montenegro is the publisher of the book “A Way (DO)” which, by its content, confirms the aforesaid in a suitable manner. 150

Veterani Veterani Veterans na naat Plavnici Plavnici Plavnica 151 147 147

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