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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

Of course, not all of

Of course, not all of them wanted to become academicians, professors, PhDs, engineers ... but the fact stands that all those who practised judo proved to be better and more successful this way than if they had not done judo. I am convinced that some of the results, achieved at the onset of judo in Montenegro are far more significant than those of the same or even higher rank achieved later. That is why in this book “more attention” is devoted to these people and activities because these are “the first steps”, by which, to use a Chinese proverb - a journey of a thousand miles begins”. The competition results in the team competition have already been mentioned, and I will mention only the most important ones that athletes from Montenegro have achieved in the singles at international competitions and championships of SFR Yugoslavia and FR Yugoslavia. From March, 1981 until September, 1999, I performed the most responsible professional and managerial duties in the Judo Union of Montenegro and Yugoslavia. I am proud to say that during this period by far the best results were achieved in both Montenegrin and Yugoslav judo. Montenegrin Union was one ofthe best organized and most successful in the republic, which secured it an important status in the sports family. All those mentioned in this book together with great many enthusiasts not mentioned, or inadvertently omitted, have given a great contribution to the development of judo. The Olympic athletes: Dragomir Bečanović, Seul, 1988 Zorica Blagojević, Barcelona, 1992 Dano Pantić, Barcelona, 1992, and Dragoljub Radulović, Atlanta, 1996 World championships: Mirsada Ganić, 7th place for women seniors, New York, 1980 Dragomir Bečanović, 1st place for men seniors, Belgrade, 1989 156

Zorica Blagojević, 7th place for women seniors, Belgrade, 1989 Slavka Marojević, 7th place for women seniors and Dragoljub Radulović, 5th place for men seniors, Tokyo, 1995 European championships: Men/Women seniors Slavica Đurović, 5th place for women seniors, Genova, 1975 Mirsada Ganić, 5th place for women seniors, Udine, 1979 Dragomir Bečanović, 2nd place for men seniors, Paris, 1987 Ranko Miranović, 5th place for men seniors, Helsinki, 1989 Zorica Blagojević, 5th place for women seniors, Frankfurt, 1990 Danojla Đurđevac, 5th place for women seniors, Birmingham, 1995 Nada Ognjenović, 5th place for women seniors, Ostende, 1997 Srđan Mrvaljević, 2nd place for younger men seniors, Moscow, 2006 and Marko Radulović, 5th place for men seniors (absolute weight) European championships: Men/women juniors Vukašin Đurović, 5th place for men juniors, Berlin, 1977 Darko Davidović, 5th place for men juniors San Marino, 1981 Danojla Đurđevac, 3rd place for women juniors, Istanbul, 1990 157

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