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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

This claim is

This claim is corroborated by the fact that the work in the clubs and the League was performed on a completely amateur basis, without scientific support, and without necessary conditions for work and adequate professional assistance. All coaches, contestants and referees were amateurs who had other vocations and practiced judo out of love. Much was lacking, which was why Bečanović could claim that he had made it all on his own. Without his incredible will to succeed, persistence and enormous sacrifices, everything would be in vain. Motivation was stronger here than anything that was missing or stood as anobstacle in this man’s way to the goal set. This example shows in practice that without strong motivation there is no success. Motivation is more important than even talent and working conditions, more important than anything. And we who practised in the same or worse conditions and were trained in the same way,we who coached others accompanying them on the road to success, still regret the conditions for practising sports are not by far better. Few are now ready to work on an amateur basis, and do the same as the heroes from this book. That is why, if the importance of sports is not adequately recognized and the necessary resources and knowledge are not invested into it, it will be even less likely for someone to equal Bečanović’s success in the future. 168

RANKO MIRANOVI] RANKO MIRANOVIĆ 15. 15. Ranko Miranovi} je poslije Be~anovi}a, najuspje{niji crnogorski d‘udista. Bio je kapiten d‘udo reprezentacije SFR Jugoslavije, dvostruki apsolutni prvak SFR Jugoslavije, dvostruki prvak Balkana, peti na svijetu, vice{ampion Mediterana i pobjednik na mnogim jakim Ranko Miranović is, after Bečanović, the most successful Montenegrin judoka. He was captain of the judo national team of SFR Yugoslavia, the double absolute champion of Yugoslavia, the double champion of the Balkans, the fifth-placed in the World Championship, the me|unarodnim first runner-up takmi~enjima. in the Mediterranean Games and the winner of many strong international competitions. We played several years together for the judo club “Titograd” team, were sparring partners on many occasions and fought each other while training. I was his coach in judo club “Ribnica” and followed his work for many years as the president of the Expert Council and the Selection Committee of the Judo Union of Montenegro and a member of the Expert Council of Judo Union of Yugoslavia. This is how I gained much knowledge on his competitive values. What Ranko Miranović managed to achieve, no judoka from Montenegro did. For a few years he was absolutely the best Yugoslav judoka in the strongest competition. The fact that for a long time he managed to be by far better than anybody else in Yugoslavia justified the claims by Nekoliko godina smo nastupali u ekipi d‘udo kluba"Titograd", mnogo puta sparingovali i borili se na treningu. Bio sam mu trener u d‘udo klubu "Ribnica", dugo godina sam pratio njegov rad kao predsjednik Stru- ~nog savjeta i Selektorske komisije D`udo saveza Crne Gore i ~lan Stru- ~nog savjeta Judo saveza Jugoslavije i tako stekao mnogo saznanja o njegovim takmi~arskim vrijednostima. Ono {to je uspio Ranko Miranovi}, nije uspio niko iz Crne Gore. Nekoliko godina bio je apsolutno najbolji jugoslovenski d‘udista i to u najja~oj konkurenciji. To da je dugo vremena uspijevao da u Jugoslaviji bude ubjedljivo bolji od svih opravdavalo je tvrdnje mnogih da je Miranovi} najbolji crnogorski d‘udista. Zaista, bio je 169 mnogo bolji takmi~ar nego {to o njemu govore rezultati. [to je to {to ga je sprije~ilo da na me|unarodnom planu postigne jo{ bolje

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