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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

many that he was the

many that he was the best Montenegrin judoka. Indeed, Miranović was a much better competitor than the results speak of him. What prevented him from achieving even better results at the international level? Miranović, like many competitors at the time, did not agree with the coach Jovanović and instead of his support, often faced major problems and obstruction. Therefore, he had to simultaneously fight both his opponents in the competitions and his own coach. The club management long dealt with that problem, to say the least, in an unfair way. At that time Miranović, in order to achieve international recognition, had to have more fights at the international level. However, invitations to the national team addressed to Miranović, ended up in a rubbish bin, without his knowledge. When Miranović was to travel to Moscow as a potential Olympic candidate in 1980, his coach said that he was not attending training sessions (which was not true) and that, so unprepared, he could not leave for Moscow. This long-lasting break in performances at the international level took its toll. The national team preparations held before big international competitions never suited Miranović’s needs and had a negative impact on his physical fitness. Preparations in which one was to train to exhaustion two or three times a day never suited him. When training in the club or individually, he would achieve much better results. For the outstanding results achieved by playing fair as a true athlete should, he received numerous honours and awards. 170

16. 16. MARKO RADULOVIĆ RADULOVI] He is only 21 and already the champion of the Tek Balkans je napunio for cadets, 21. godinu junior a champion ve} je bio of prvak the Balkana Balkans, double za kadete, senior prvak champion Balkana of the za Balkans juniore, dvostruki and fifth-placed prvakin Balkana the Europian za seniore Championship i peti u Evropi in the absolute u apsolutnoj weight kategoriji class for seniors. za seniore. This last Posljednji result has rezultat, not been doequaled sad nijeby uspio any da other postigne Montenegrin iz Crne judoka Gore. so far. Progla{avan He was declared je za the najpe- most niko rspektivnijeg promising young mladog athlete sportistu of Montenegro. Crne Gore. However, reasonable zahtjevi requests da mu for se providing obezbijede adequate ade- No, opravdani conditions for his work kvatni and progress, uslovi za bring rad to i napredovanje, mind much similar umnogome stories podsje}aju of Miranović naand pri~u Bečanović. o Miranovi}u Decades i Be~anovi}u... later, things should Nekoliko be different. decenija kasnije, moralo bi biti druga~ije. 171

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