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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš


17. 1. THE SHINBONE Ranko Miranović and his club colleague and best man, Dragomir Škatarić-Škaćo, a prominent first team regular of the Podgorica team “Budućnost”, studied at the Higher School for Teachers in Nikšić, the Department of Sport Recreation. They were “stuck” with the anatomy exam. The hope that they would pass this exam just as they had passed the others, day after day was more and more fragile. When it was almost completely lost, Škaćo, in a happy mood, came running up to Ranko, uttering these words: -Radža, we are saved! My next-door neighbor has become the professor Of anatomy and he will examine us. So, we will pass the exam smoothly. Ranko looked at him happily but still retaining the expression of disbelief. - May God help us be so! - Ranko said although still with some doubt. - One hundred percent sure! I say I know the man! The day of the exam came and Škaćo and Ranko, already sure they would have the professor’s help, had not been studying at all and came unprepared to the room for exams full of students to take the exam. -Who will be the first? - asked the professor. There was a moment of silence that lasted for so much that someone had to break it. - I will! - Ranko said bravely. - Well, come here, select a bone from this box and tell us what you know about it. - I will take the shinbone, if I may, Professor, replied Ranko. - Yes, you can! - the professor answered, and Ranko quickly headed to the chest with plastic bones and started to turn them around burying his hands deeper and deeper. 174

They were all waiting for Ranko to find the bone, but he somehow did not manage to. - Professor, it is not here. Someone must have taken it out - Ranko’s voice could be finally heard. He began searching anew, digging both deeper and faster. He turned the chest inside out but could not find the bone. - Professor, I am certain it isn’t here. The professor had already lost patience and immediately called for another student: - Come on, who is going to replace Miranović? - I will, Professor, volunteered Škaćo, as if wanting to take his close friend out of trouble. Walking in a manner characteristic of him, moving his left shoulder, which he often hurt, Škačo headed to the chest and just as he bent over it, he pulled out the required bone and exclaimed: - Here it is, Professor. The shinbone! He was over the moon which could be told by the expression on his face. He gave the impression of a man who succeeded. Again there was silence in which, as in a “silent” film, the protagonists were Škaćo standing in front of the blackboard and holding the bone in his hand and Ranko, still in bewilderment. The silence was interrupted by the professor: - Go ahead, say something about the bone. Tell us, at least, what its Latin name is? Škaćo remained silent, which was why Ranko estimated that it would be great, if he knew and answered that now, which would “correct” the previous error, but, unfortunately, he did not know. He was solemnly silent giving the impression of a student who knew the answer but was unwilling to disturb the existing order and to be primitive. To help the neighbour out, the professor, seeing that Škaćo clearly could not answer, ignored the first and asked a new question, this time the easiest one: - Come on, tell us why this bone is thicker than the other one, placed next to it, and why it is curved? 175

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