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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

Škara understood the

Škara understood the professor’s good will to help but he was also well aware he did not know the answer. He hoped for an impossible to happen - that he might remember what he did not know. In this expectation he took the bone in his hands, lifted it at the shoulder height and started to watch through it, as if aiming at something. Then he turned it on the other side and continued aiming at an imaginary target. Then, all of a sudden, he uttered: - Well, Sir, it is thicker than the other one placed next to it and a bit curved because it faces the sun. The reply had the room roaring with laughter. The next time they studied for the exam and passed. 176

17. 2. LEANING At the federal competition in Sarajevo, the fight between the national team members Ranko Miranović and Rajko Kušić was observed by their club coaches, Mirko Jovanović and Branislav-Brano Crnogorac. The fight was interesting and to the very end the winner was uncertain. The coaches who chose the best position to observe the fight, placed next to each other, were taking small nervous steps, making the movements they suggested to their competitors to make. The audience followed the fight but did not lose from sight the two excited coaches who yelled, gesticulated and make tendentious comments targeted at the referees. At one point, Brane noted that Mirko, in critical moments of imbalance between the competitors, leaned to the same side as himself, which he found strange. When this happened again, he asked Mirko: - How is it that you lean to the same side as I do? Shouldn’t it be the opposite side for you?! On whose side are you, your competitor’s or mine? After a short break Mirko replied: - Yours, on my honour! Because if mine wins, woe to me when we get back to Titograd! 177

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