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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš


In Cetinje in 1962, the Judo Union of Yugoslavia organised the first judo course in Montenegro. The course was taught by Svetozar Mihajlović and the mentioned year is considered to be the year when judo sport was introduced in Montenegro. The following year, judo arrived in Macedonia, and a bit later in Kosovo. 18

4. THE BEGINNINGS IN MONTENEGRO Positive cultural and historical experience, passed from one generation to another, has directed man’s quest to those activities which allowed for most learning with least consequences. Such precious discoveries have helped man to recognise game as one of the most efficient and rational ways of learning. Although every activity can be regarded as a game, a sport game seems to be special as it features both spiritual and physical activities, their mutual connection and check, enabling humans to get to know themselves and others better. Luring man by its esotery and at the same time inspiring hope, doubt and uncertainty, sport is in fact a highly successful, meaningful and intensive simulacrum of life. The martial arts which originate from the Far East seem to be prime examples. Judo especially. Created from arts which had been greatly shaped by eastern beliefs, mostly Buddhism and Hinduism, judo has never left anyone indifferent with its rites, symbolism and esotery, on the one hand, and great efficiency of its techniques, on the other. Its spiritual principles, based on humanity, equality, love and unity have made it appealing to all layers of society. Special interest for judo has been shown by those who have wanted to outdo themselves, to fathom the “unfathomable” and to see the “invisible”. 19

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