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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

A great advantage for

A great advantage for the development of this sport was the fact that those who wanted to learn the secrets of this art did not have to go to the Far East but were able to do so where they lived. Such an opportunity was made possible mostly because judo had already been practiced in some of the ex-Yugoslav republics and the Judo Committee of Yugoslavia had been formed with the aim of organising further development of this sport. In the Republic of Montenegro, judo was practiced as a new sport as of December 9, 1962, when the Seminar for Judo Instructors started in Cetinje. The seminar was organised by the Judo Union of the SFR Yugoslavia and the Youth Centre of Cetinje. Despite the fact that the seminar for instructors was preceded by a school of boxing and judo that had started by the same institutions on February 19, 1962, the date which marks the beginning of practising judo is December 9, 1962, mainly because this event provided staff and other prerequisites necessary for the development of this sport in Montenegro. The foundation of clubs in Cetinje, Titograd and Nikšić, and later in Bar and Kotor, followed in the wake of this event. During a meeting in Belgrade in the Boxing Union of Yugoslavia in January 1962, called on the occasion of starting a boxing school in Cetinje, the president of the Judo Union of Yugoslavia, Lieutenant General Tomislav Kronja, talked to Savo Jovićević, the referent for sport of the Youth Centre of Cetinje, and expressed his interest in the possibilities for introducing judo in Montenegro. Kronja was presented with Jovićević’s proposal to organise a judo school simultaneously with the boxing one as well as a seminar for judo instructors, which would allow judo to catch on in Montenegro. The president of the Judo Union of Yugoslavia, lietenant general and war hero, the head of the Military Medical Academy, dr Kronja, accepted the proposal and pledged expert and material assistance for the organisation of the judo school and the seminar for instructors. Savo Jovićević, a renowned Montenegrin athlete and sport worker, assumed the position of the referent for sport in the Youth Centre in Cetinje in 1961, soon after he had graduated from the College for Coaching in Belgrade. He informed the sport administration in Cetinje about the agenda he had discussed with general Kronja and, with their help, undertook the activities needed to provide the conditions for running a boxing and judo school. 20

At that time, the Association for Physical Education “Partizan” was active in Cetinje, headed by the president Andro Đurović, a renowned athlete and teacher of physical education. On the initiative of the Youth Sport Centre, an extraordinary meeting of the Association was held, in which it was decided that the gym of the Association for Physical Education “Partizan” was to be put to use and disposal to the Youth Centre as a precondition to achieve the planned activities. Many social and sport workers were skeptical of the “arrival” of the new sport, but thanks to Savo Jovićević and Ljubo Martinović Crni, the proposal was adopted. In January 1962, a meeting was held in the assembly hall of the Municipality of Cetinje to form the boxing and judo school. The meeting was attended by the representative of the Boxing Union of Yugoslavia, General Tomislav Kronja, the representatives of the Boxing Union of Montenegro and others. Savo Jovićević was appointed as the head of school. Ljubo Martinović Crni and Danilo Kozina were designated to take the position of boxing coaches, whereas the position of judo coach was filled by Jovan Bastać- Puśo, who had acquired his diploma of a martial arts instructor in 1948 in Sremska Kamenica, where he had graduated from a school for officers. General Tomislav Kronja 21

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