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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

“Organised by the

“Organised by the Youth Centre in Cetinje and assisted by the Judo Union of Yugoslavia, the Seminar for Judo Instructors was held in Cetinje in the period December 9-12, 1962. The seminar was run by the federal coach from Novi Sad, Svetozar Mihajlović, who stayed in Cetinje at the expense of the Union of Yugoslavia. The idea to form a judo organisation in Cetinje was conceived at the beginning of this year when the Youth Centre in Cetinje opened a boxing and judo school. The interest of the youth in this sport, a new sport in our Republic, was great. The Judo Union of Yugoslavia for its part tried to start such activities in Montenegro, having in mind that it does not have any judo organisations. The Judo Union of Yugoslavia has thus gladly accepted the initiative from Cetinje to send a coach at its expense to conduct a seminar for instructors. Apart from this, the Union has recently sent a special mat and a dozen of kimonos to the Youth Centre. When the Union of Yugoslavia informed the Youth Centre about its decision to send a coach, the Centre has addressed the municipal associations of organisations for physical education in our Republic with a request to send their representatives to the seminar. But their turnout was low. Only the Municipal Association of Nikšić has sent its representative. Thus, because of the lack of interest of the municipal associations, a favourable opportunity has not been taken to produce coaching staff for judo. We have talked with coach Mihajlović about the success of the seminar and the conditions for the development of this sport in our Republic. Svetozar Mihajlović has completed a coaching coarse in 1953. That same year he became the state lightweight champion. At this year’s state championship he was ranked fourth in the absolute category for judo masters (no weight restrictions). He now coaches judo at the Municipal Association of Organisations for Physical Culture in Novi Sad and is an active competitor of the Judo Club Partizan from Belgrade. - According to what I have learned during the seminar, I think that there are favourable conditions for the development of judo sport in Montenegro, having in mind the mentality of the people and their disposition towards martial arts – these were coach Mihajlović’s first words. 26

- I am very satisfied with the choice of fighters who came to the seminar. It’s a pity, though, that other municipalities have not sent their representatives because this would have guaranteed that judo would soon catch on. - The seminar was attended by sixteen fighters, fifteen from Cetinje and one from Nikšić. There were also several students of the Higher School for Teachers who come from other places in Montenegro, but, as they are to resume their studies, they cannot be counted on in the near future for these areas. All the seminar participants have advanced well. Even though they had the task of mastering very complex techniques, they displayed fine talent for judo. Those who especially stood out and who can become great instructors were Laković, Vlahović and Baletić. Some of the others, like Mihajlović, Miljević, Vujović, Drašković, Marković, Svitlica and Rajković meet all necessary requirements to become strong competitors. - I was particularly impressed with Vujović and Miljević. I believe that with a year of systematic work they could achieve remarkable results and even become state champions. In my opinion, Miodrag is the most promising competitor in our country. He weighs about 90 kg, has a good constitution and displays a great talent for judo. He, as well as others, needs a lot of work to correct the mistakes and improve the technique. - The working conditions were fairly good. The comrades from the Youth Centre provided assistance so that I could do my job normally and pass my knowledge to the seminar participants. The only objection I would have is that the gym wasn’t heated properly. - As far as futher work on the development of judo in Montenegro is concerned, I think that the next move to make is to form a republican union which would take care of setting up organisations in other towns. Having in mind the number of instructors as well as the interest in judo, I think that the Union’s headquarters should be based in Cetinje. The Union would then occasionally send instructors to other towns where they would run short courses or coach beginners. There is nothing to hinder judo from fast development in Montenegro– said coach Mihajlović at the end of our interview. 27

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