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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

The Seminar participants

The Seminar participants held their first judo demonstration in Cetinje last night. They will display their skills later this afternoon in the hall of the Youth Centre in Titograd and tomorrow afternoon in Nikšić.” On the organisation of the seminar and the results achieved, Svetozar Mihajlović said: ”The coaching seminar was held in the premises of the Association for Physical Education in Cetinje. For this occasion, the mats were provided by the Judo Union of Yugoslavia… Out of 32 seminar participants, 21 have become licenced to form a club or a judo division and manage it after they return to their town. During the seminar, judo demonstrations were displayed in Cetinje, Titograd, Danilovgrad, Nikšić, Kotor and Bar. The performances were well attended and have inspired great interest in all age groups. The seminar was a prerequisite for organising the development of judo in Montenegro. Substantial help with the organisation of these activities has been provided by sport workers of the republican and municipal associations for physical culture. The contribution of sport workers, such as Dragutin-Lale Martinović, Savo Jovićević and Ljubo Martinović- Crni, must especially be commended. At that time, Cetinje was vibrant under the strong impression of the seminar and the events surrounding it. The talk about the new sport in Montenegro was in everyone’s mouths. After the seminar, I was given a painting which depicted Njegoš’s Mausoleum on Lovćen as a token of gratitude from the participants who were awarded with licences. The dedication read: “In memory of us and the place where you taught us, we present you with this humble gift.” The dedication was signed by: “Miljević Nikola, Vujović Milorad, Šćepanović Velimir, Rajković Miomir, Mitrović Milorad, Vuković Marko, Marković Milovan,Rajković Dušan, Vlahović Mihailo, Cokić Radomir, Cimbaljević, Dragoslav, Drašković Milorad, Prlja Ljubomir, Laković Vladimir,Vukić Dušan, Svitlica Savo, Bastać Jovan, Baletić Predrag, Lješković, Kićun, Marković Đurđija and Strelec Verica.” (Cited from a statement given by Svetozar Mihajlović to the author in August, 2006) 28

Another participant of the Seminar for Judo Instructors in Cetinje, Ljubomir Prlja, looking back on those days pointed out: “What the seminar instructor, federal coach Svetozar Mihajlović assigned priority was: discipline, regular attendance to every training session, long warm-ups, preparation of each participant, persistent and long practicing of throwing and defending techniques. As a token of gratitude, we presented Svetozar Mihajlović with a gift – a painting and a Montenegrin cap which he donned on his head when he was photographed with the seminar participants. I remember that one girl, a student of the Pedagogic Academy, Vukmirović (I’m referring to Vera Strelec, who when she married assumed the family name Vukmirović), also participated in the demonstration in the Youth Centre in Titograd. At the beginning of the seminar there were two other women (I think Bosa Kraljević and possibly Ćaćić Vera), but they later quit. Full credit for the organisation of the seminar must be given to late Ljubo Martinović-Crni, Savo Jovićević and other diligent workers from Cetinje. Judo sport also certainly owes to late Jovan Bastać-Puśo. (Cited from an interview with the author in July 2006). 29

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