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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

club in

club in Montenegro was established on December 27, 1962, and was called “Lovćen”. Blažo Ivanović, a police officer, was appointed as its first president, Blagota Radulović was chosen for its secretary and Jovan Bastać-Puśo was designated for the position of the club’s coach. Vesko Pejović, who had graduated from the Sport College in Zagreb, was appointed as fitness coach. At the beginning, the club operated as a division of the boxing club. The participants of the seminar for judo instructors and the students of the Higher School for Teachers in Cetinje, Milorad-Miško Vujović and Nikica Miljević, took an active role in the work of the club. Other distinguished members were Drašković, Vlahović and Cimbaljević. Svetozar Mihajlović particularly praised the talent Milorad Vujović was endowed with and believed he was to have a successful career ahead of him. Only three months after the Seminar for Judo Instructors was completed and the first Montenegrin judo club was formed, the competitors Vujović, Miljević and Drašković received an invitation to participate at the state championship on March 25, 1963 in Novi Sad. “A telegramme arrived from the Association of Organisations for Physical Culture, in which Draža (Svetozar Mihajlović) invitied us to come to Novi Sad at the expense of the judo club “Slavija” in order to participate at the state championship. We left three or four days in advance so that we could learn the fight rules. The group was led by Blažo Ivanović, the president of our club. We stayed at the hotel “Vojvodina”. To everyone’s surprise, we fought well against fighters who were stronger than us, and Miško Vujović even won some fights,” Milorad Drašković said, remembering the said events. (Cited from an interview with B. Markuš in Cetinje, conducted in July 2006). Replying to the question of Vujisić, a journalist with “Pobjeda”, regarding the impressions from the first real competition, Milorad Vujović said: - Athletes call it “baptism by fire”. And I was really baptised by fire at the state championship held in Novi Sad in 1963. I thought that everyone was better than me and that I wasn’t to expect anything more than meeting other fighters at a gathering like this. However, I surprised 36

myself and experts when I reached the semis, where I was defeated in a hard fight by the state champion Šijan.” (Cited from the article “All Too Soon Forgotten”, “Pobjeda”, July 18, 1965). The edition of “Pobjeda” published on March 31, 1963, features the following news story in the section “Briefings”: “Three competitors from Cetinje – Drašković, Miljević and Vujović – participated at the judo state championship which was held in Novi Sad last week. The competitors achieved very good results. Vujović managed to beat Jocić, the absolute champion of Serbia.” Nikola Miljević, Milorad Drašković and Milorad Vujović, the participants of the judo state championship, Novi Sad, March 1963. The judo club “Lovćen” continued to operate, headed by Milorad Vujović. The most distinguished judokas were Drašković, Prlja and Vlahović. A year after it was established, due to coach Vujović’s moving to Titograd, the club suspended intense activities. In autumn 1964, Vujović started to work in the Elementary School “Niko Maraš” in Golubovci as a teacher of Serbo-Croatian. 37

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