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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

Pobjeda, August 18, 1965

Pobjeda, August 18, 1965 46

- What can I say? We are forgotten. The Judo Club „Titograd” has 150 young and very talented athletes who lack conditions for normal practice. It is a real shame that those in charge do not show understanding for this sport. - What do you think the Republican AOPC can do so that judo can take its rightful place? - They should soften the stance of the “gods” in the municipal AOPC and break the mould of granting privileges for certain sports. - What’s your greatest wish? - That the Judo Club “Titograd” takes part in the qualifying rounds and makes it into the Federal League. This isn’t something impossible, provided that we have normal conditions for practice in a gym, because we’ve been thrown out in the street and we’ve been training on the fields of Titograd. And thus, the conversation could have lasted for hours. Vujović has got much to say and let us hope that he will say a mouthful at the next state championships, where, as he has promised, he will try to win the title of the state champion.” All the actitivities that were planned and accomplished at that time and also much later were managed by the lovers of this sport, who did it as amateurs, with no financial reward whatsoever, but very seriously and professionally. What contributed to such an atmosphere was the general situation in the society, stressing the need for postwar restoration and social development which required everyone to partake. What judokas always felt as injustice was the unequal distribution of finances between various sports. Certain football players used to get more money (individually) than some sports would get at the national level all together. Such allocation of finances persisted for a long time, rendering the conditions for work and success of judo practioners and many other sport players very limited. The first competitors from Montenegro travelled at the expense of the Judo Club “Slavija” from Novi Sad, and many other athletes went to competitions at their own expense and were put up by their friends. Desire to compete was stronger and prevailed against all limitations. Extraordinary will and persistence motivated judokas to prepare to enter the First Federal League in the open, without equipment and the gym. 47

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