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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

Journalist Bato Kokolj

Journalist Bato Kokolj wrote about the “conditions” in which the judokas of “Titograd” found themselves in and their plans in an article published in “Pobjeda”, dated August 12, 1965. The article running the headline “Judokas at Work (Again)” and featuring the lead-in which raised the question “Will Titograd get another first-leaguer?” , reads as follows: “Over fifty young athletes, memebers of the Youth Judo Club “Titograd” have started to train regularly these days, as part of intensive preparations for the upcoming trials and other interclub competitions. Together with them, under the expert supervision of coach Vujović, several young women who have already made their debut in front of audience are practising, as well as a few talented under 12 girls who are making their first steps. A big group of young enthusiasts of this tough but useful sport gathers in the wooded glade on top of Gorica every afternoon. Actually, this club has no premises to dispose of at the moment, and other material conditions are poor as well. Still, with the arrival of autumn, it is expected that an agreement with one of the elementary schools in Titograd will be made and that judokas will be provided a gym to train in. Of course, on condition that the lease is paid regularly, and this, as we now know, will be a major expense in the budget of the already impoverished club. The lack of premises which would allow for more comprehensive and regular training of judo and the so-called “karate”, especially falls hard on a few of the best Montenegrin practitioners of this sport who are to compete in the qualifiers for the Federal League. And a problem which causes even more concern is how they are to find the money needed to cover travel and accommodation costs… According to young coach and holder of “brown belt”, Milorad Vujović, the Titograd’s team have good chances to obtain a place among the best in our country, having in mind the recent arrival of two judo masters, holders of “black belts”, Marko Trifunović and Vuk Rašović, who have already played on the national team. Another novice in the club is Slobo Boljević, who used to be a member of the Split’s judo club. Alongside with these judokas and the club’s coach Vujović, who is to compete as well, the master candidates Miljević and Mitrović, as 48

Znatno Znatno kasnije kasnije Slavi~inim Slavi~inim stopama, stopama, u mnogo u mnogo boljim boljim uslovima uslovima i i okolnostima, okolnostima, izuzetno izuzetno uspje{no uspje{no krenu}e krenu}e Mirsada Mirsada Gani}. Gani}. Mirsada Mirsada je je bila prvak bila Jugoslavije prvak Jugoslavije od 1978. od do 1978. 1983. do 1983. godine godine u kategoriji u kategoriji do 66 do 66 kilograma kilograma i sedma i sedma na svjetskom na svjetskom prvenstvu prvenstvu u Njujorku u Njujorku 1980. godine. 1980. godine. Vrlo well uspje{no Vrlo as other uspje{no segifted bavila sefighters, ibavila rukometom. i the rukometom. odds Dobila are that Dobila je nagradu Titograd je nagradu "Oslobo|enje could "Oslobo|enje get another Titograda" club Titograda" compete za najbolje za at najbolje the ostvarenje federal ostvarenje level iz oblasti beside iz oblasti its sporta. oldest sporta. club (“Budućnost”). The club, however, requires help in order to be able to “stand on its own U razgovoru U razgovoru na Cetinju, na Cetinju, 19. avgusta 19. avgusta 2006.godine, 2006.godine, Milorad Milorad Vujovi} Vujovi} feet” and enter the first league, despite the fact that it is the youngest nam jenam rekao: je rekao: sport collective in the capital of Montenegro.” Slavica Đurović Mirsada Ganić Slavica Slavica \urovi} \urovi} Mirsada Mirsada Gani} Gani} The first girl who did judo intensively was Slavica Đurović, who "Na eventually Cetinju "Na became Cetinju sam, poslije the sam, state poslije seminara, champion seminara, ostao and was oko ostao ranked godinu oko fifth godinu dana, Europe. dana, do do zavr{etka On the zavr{etka occasion studija. studija. of Nikola being Nikola Miljevi} awarded Miljevi} with zbog a grand je posla zbog title, posla oti{ao the fifth oti{ao ranije, Dan ranije, black i i nastavio belt, nastavio by vanredno the Judo vanredno da Veterans studira. da studira. Association of Serbia and Montenegro, she wittily addressed her fellow athletes: “You had it easier. You’re men Te 1964. Te 1964. godine godine po~eo sam po~eo dasam radim da uradim Golubovcima u Golubovcima i uklju~io i uklju~io se se and you fought with men, and I used to compete against men as well, u rad d‘udo u rad kluba d‘udo"Titograd". kluba "Titograd". U vrijeme U to vrijeme klub jeklub imaojedosta imao~lanova dosta ~lanova because there weren’t enough girls.” Much later, following in Slavica’s footsteps and in much better conditions, Mirsada Ganić started her 47 very 47successful career. Mirsada was an under 66kg champion of Yugoslavia from 1978 to 1983 and was ranked seventh at the world championship held in New York in 1980. She was a successful handball player as well. Mirsada was awarded with the prize “Liberation of Titograd” for best sport accomplishment. In an interview conducted in Cetinje on August 19, 2006, Milorad Vujović told us: 49

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