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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

Slavica Đurović and

Slavica Đurović and Zuvdija Hodžić “After the seminar, I stayed in Cetinje for about a year, until I graduated. Nikola Miljević left earlier in order to work and resumed his studies as a part-time student. In 1964, I started working in Golubovci and joined the Judo Club “Titograd”. At the time, the club had a lot of members and the coach was Svetozar Mihajlović, who was doing his military service there. Those who especially distinguished themselves include Momčilo and Pavle Milić, Dragan Lazović, Slobodan Mićković and others. I used to go to Cetinje from time to time with Nikola Miljević, but after a while the club stopped working. Towards the end of 1964, Mihajlović completed his military service and came back to Novi Sad. On his recommendation, coaching was taken over by Vukan Stanković and I. Although the working conditions were poor, our persistence paid off. When Trifunović and Rašović joined the club, we became a very strong team”. Other data concerning the club are given in the chapter entitled “The Federal League” and other chapters. 50

6. 2. THE JUDO CLUB “ACADEMIC” – NIKŠIĆ In an interview held in Cetinje on August 19, 2006, Milorad Vujović remembered how the judo division in Nikšić started its operation: “Towards the end of 1964, I launched the initiative to start a judo division in Nikšić. The training sessions were held in the Teachers College gym. I remember that there were many members. I went to Nikšić once or twice a week alone, or sometimes with Nikola Miljević. After me, Petar Ilić, who at the time distinguished himself the most, took over the coaching. He also regularly came from Nikšić to Titograd in order to train”. This is what Petar Ilić, with whom I have also had the opportunity to talk to, said about the situation: ”In late 1964, in the Teachers College gym, there were over a hundred of us. Miško Vujović coached us for about a year. Being too busy at his work and with his coaching in the Judo Club “Titograd”, he wasn’t able to come to Nikšić any more, which is why I took over the coaching. At that time, the best judokas were Braho Adrović, Miodrag Stevanović, Drago Mijović, Vuković, Roganović, to name a few”. In late 1965, a match between the teams from Titograd and Nikšić was staged at the Stadium of Small Sports. What I remember from this competition was Drago Mijović’s good fight and an injury inflicted to Momčilo Milić (Titograd) during his fight with Stevanović (Nikšić). That same year, “Titograd” went through the qualifiers and entered the Federal League. The competitors of “Akademik” “continued to train regularly and achieve remarkable results”. 51

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