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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

time on January 21,

time on January 21, 1973, at the competition of Montenegro for young talents and juniors. The list of those who took part at this competition runs as follows: Dragan Šćepanović, Milorad Dabanović, Nebojiša Strugar and Milić Milović. At this competition, Dabanović and Šćepanović qualified for the state championships. The Judo Club “Pomorac”, together with the karate and the boxing club, was a member of the Sport Association “Pomorac”, from which it was later separated and renamed into the Judo Club “Mornar”. The judokas of “Mornar” attended the seminar which was organised by Vuk Rašović in Ulcinj in June 1973, at which they took tests for belts and advanced expert titles. Jovan Stojanović, who coached “Mornar” for many years and who made a great contribution to the development of judo sport in Bar, remembers: “At the Yugoslav Championship for Seniors held in Novi Sad, Nikola Miljević, multiple champion of Montenegro, won the third place; Vlastimir Orlandić was ranked first in an under 12 competition in Split; Miodrag Dabanović was a multiple junior and senior champion of Montenegro; late Miodrag Pejanović was a multiple champion of Montenegro; then there are also Zoran Pejović, Milo Šobić, Safet Bajramović, Mithad Tukić, Emir Karađuzović, late Nihad Badžović, Milutin Velimirović, Dejan Borović, Srđan Stojanović and others. The club also had a women’s team. The first coach of the club was Nikola Miljević, and after me, Vladimir Orlandić, Emir Karađuzović and Petar Braković took over the coaching helm. A significant contribution to the development of judo in Bar was given by Drago Prelević, a successful sport worker and the president of the Association of Organisations for Physical Culture of Bar, and Maksim Lutovac, the principle of the High School “Niko Rolović”. As other Montenegrin judo clubs, our club was facing financial difficulties all the time and eventually stopped operating due to a lack of funds. I hope that the new generation judo lovers will pick up where we left off” (From a statement given to the author in 1997). 54

Takmi~ari The competitors “Mornara” of “Mornar” sa sa trenerom with Jovanom coach Jovan Stojanovi}em Stojanović Takmi~ari “Mornara” sa trenerom Jovanom Stojanovi}em Nikola Nikola Miljevi} Miljević Nikola Miljevi} Vlastimir Orlandić Orlandi} Vlastimir Orlandi} The Takmi~arke Takmi~arke women’s team “Mornara” “Mornara” of “Mornar” 53 53 53 55

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