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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš


6. 4. THE JUDO CLUB “PARTIZAN” – KOTOR The Judo Club “Partizan“ from Kotor started operating in January 1973. This is what prof. Branko Radujković says about those beginnings: “I started working on establishing a judo club in Kotor as soon as I arrived in Kotor in March 1971. Blažo Marković, who worked in the administration of the Sport Association “Partizan“, and Jovica Martinović helped me with this, despite the fact that there was little understanding for a sport that many hadn’t heard of before. Only football and water polo were encouraged. A great contribution to the formation of the club was given by Ratko Otašević, who started working in Kotor in autumn 1972 and that same year competed as a “free lancer”, i.e. representing no club. At the time, I was doing my military service. Otašević started training in January 1973, organising his work within the judo division of the Sport Association “Partizan”. When I returned, I started coaching (we both did), and a great deal of children joined as members, as well as a number of young policemen who were studying in Sremska Kamenica and who were already experienced competitors. They also won the first medals at championships of Montenegro. Otašević was a triple junior champion, whereas Zajim Kriještorac, Božidar Kraljević and Mladen Klikovac were ranked first once and second several times. The division grew into a club (bearing the same name, the Judo Club “Partizan”, Kotor) and in 1975 it contributed to the foundation of the Judo Association of Montenegro. The club was a successful host of the SFRY under 14 and junior championships in 1976; from 1983 onwards it has hosted the Kotor Cup and in 1984 and 1985, it organised the under 14 interrupublic league (Kotor, Herceg Novi, Dubrovnik and Trebinje). The club has twinned with the Judo Club “Lokomotiva” from Vršac (which I founded as well), which allowed for joint preparations and other forms of cooperation. The club members competed at the Montenegro, SFRY and FRY championships, where they achieved great results. The first SFRY champion from this club was Dejan Popović, the current coach of the club, who won the title in 1985. 56

The club’s coaches at the time were: Branko Radujković, Ratko Otašević, Žarko Klikovac, Čedo Konatar, Vasilije Pecić, Ivica Mančić i Dejan Popović. A great contribution to the development of the club was given by its presidents Pero Lubarda, Božidar Banićević and Ljubenko Borović, as well as by their assistants – Stojan Klikovac, Štefica Đukanović, Anka Vujović and Mila Martinović” (From a statement given to the author on February 27, 2007). The Judo Club “Kotor”, standing: Žarko Klikovac, Nenad Vujošević, Nenad Popović, Dejan Popović and Branko Radujković. Crouching: Duško Martinović and Darko Popović Prof. dr Branko Radujković 57

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