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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš


6. 5. THE JUDO CLUB “ZETA” – GOLUBOVCI The Judo Club “Zeta” from Golubovci was established in 1975. The initiative for the foundation of the club was launched by Dragomir Škatarić, who also organised its operation. He was a well experienced athlete, competing at the federal level and a member of the Judo Club “Titograd”. Škatarić started doing judo in 1965; for 13 years he was the halfmiddleweight and middleweight champion of Montenegro, a regular member of the national team of Montenegro and one of the most successful competitors of “Titograd” in the federal league. Under his expert guidance, many top athletes were trained in this club and a great deal of sport manifestations were organised. During the first few years of work, the most successful under 12 judokas were: Nenad Otašević, Boris Vuletić, Duško Klikovac, Bojan Marković, Nebojiša Miranović, Đorđije Peličić, Ivica Kaluđerović, Dejan Vuković, Siniša Cavnić, Mladen Bauković, Miloš Stanković, Duško and Nebojša Šuškavčević, Veselin Kovačević, Nenad Burzan and Srđan Pejović. The most successful under 14 competitors include: Predrag Madžarović, Radojica-Rajo Božović, Dragan and Zlatko Đuretić, Radojica Klikovac, Nebojiša Domazetović, Vlastimir Madžarović, Goran Milatović, Dragoljub Bečić, Mladen Domazetović, Miodrag Matanović and Goran Dobrović. Among the seniors, the best athletes at the time were: Dragomir Škatarić, Miodrag Janković, Miodrag Đurović, Milenko Maraš, Đorđije Brajović, Marjan Kaluđerović and Marjan Maraš. Having won medals at the republican and federal competitions, after “Titograd”, “Zeta” was the most successful club in certain age classes for three years in a row (1976, 1977, 1978). By the time it stopped operating in 1987, under the guidance of Dragomir Škatarić and later Radojica-Rajo Božović, the club trained a number of top athletes, who, because of their schooling, continued their career as competitors and experts in other clubs. The best of them was Miloš Stanković, who was 58

the SFRY junior champion in 1985 and the Balkan junior vice-champion in 1987. He was named the best athlete of Titograd in 1981. Many sport workers from Zeta helped the club to operate. Without their enthusiasm, good results never would have come. Apart from Nikica Klikovac, the president of the club at the time, other members of the management gave their great contribution: Velimir Paunović (who was the secretary of the Judo Association of Montenegro), Miodrag Niković, Vojin-Bato Božović, Marjan Maraš, Ranko Kojičić, Dragutin Petričević and Slobodan Ajković. (The data were provided by Dragomir Škatarić, whom the author interviewed in July 2007, and the book “The Development of the School System in Zeta and 125 Years of the Existence and Work of the Elementary School in Golubovci”, pp. 111- 114, which was published in 1996). “Zeta” team, from left to right: Zoran Vujačić, Milenko Maraš, Dragomir Škatarić, Radojica Klikovac, Radojica Božović, Predrag Madžarović and Vesko Popović. 59

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