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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš


7. 1. THE YOUTH JUDO CLUB “TITOGRAD” – TITOGRAD The Judo Club “Budućnost” was the first judo club to compete in the first league and for a long time it was ranked among the best sport clubs in Montenegro, which is why the AOPC of Montenegro rightly chose this club to be the leader in the development of judo in Montenegro. This is why I devoted special attention to this period and this club. Montenegrin judokas would surely have waited much longer to join the First Federal Judo League, had not Marko Trifunović, a member of “Student” from Belgrade, a multiple champion of Serbia, a student champion of Yugoslavia, a state champion and a member of the national team, met his friend, Momčilo-Moco Milić in Titograd, on his way to the seaside one July day in 1965. Milić asked him to stay that day in Titograd and give a training session to the members of the Judo Club “Titograd”. Marko accepted the proposal and joined the traning that same night: ”To my great surprise, apart from a number of judokas, I was also welcomed that night by the president of the club, Slobo Đurović, and the members of its management, Branko Lazović (who was the president of the Municipality of Titograd) and Risto Raičević (I think he was a director in some bank). They asked me to stay in Titograd until the next day to talk about my possible engagement in the club. The following day, at about 10 o’clock, the administration of the judo club “Titograd” held a meeting and decided to offer me the position of coach and a job as a physical education teacher in the High School “Slobodan Škerović” in Podgorica. I never dreamed of accepting such a proposal, because I saw my future in Belgrade, where I started my work. However, they insisted, and thinking that I could always go back, I accepted the proposed position. The members of the club and the administration had ambitious plans to join the First Federal League and I found the task challenging. 64

Apart from a number of beginners, in the club there were Miodrag- Miško Vujović, who was its coach at the time, then Nikica Miljević, the brothers Momčilo and Pavle Milić and Dragan and Jugoslav Ivanović, Slobodan Mićković, Dragan Lazovič, Dimo Šoć, Zuvdija Hodžić and others. I was especially surprised by a number of girls who practised regularly. Slavica Đurović (now Radinović) was the most successful. (From an interview with the author, conducted in August 2006 in Podgorica). Marko Trifunović was the best Yugoslav judoka in 1963, together with Stojan Stojaković, who was the best in the under 80kg class and Bora Cvejić who was the best in the over 80kg class. At that time, only three weight classes existed. Trifunović was ranked first in the under 68 kg class. The three of them constituted the national team at the same time. Due to his great popularity and similarity in appearance with the famous French actor, he was nicknamed “Belmondo”. In an interview given to the journalist of “Pobjeda”, M. Vujisić, on July 7, 1966, Trifunović talked about his beginnings, victories, defeats and his arrival to Podgorica: “A common prejudice among our people is that for judo you need only strength and nothing else. But let us not deceive ourselves: this art requires intelligence, education and nobility, if you want better results.” In late 1959, Trifunović started practicing judo in the Belgrade club “Student”. His desire to do judo was born when he tried to defeat his friends who were practising judo in a sport fight. Unable to do so, out of spite he started practising the sport. Very soon, he achieved remarkable results and was invited to the national team. When the journalist asked him about his favourite win, he replied: “Victory and defeat are inseparable and somehow firmly attached to the personality of every true athlete. You need to understand that each new win, even those won against ace athletes, last only until the next defeat. Because judo isn’t just a physical fight, it is a fight of personalities”, and he added: “Titograd has the most gifted young men for every martial art in this country”. 65

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