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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

The match between

The match between “Bosna” and “Titograd” ended in a tie, although this was a chance for Titograd’s judokas to qualify for the tournament in Sarajevo. But they did not waste it! The team from Titograd thrashed the ambitious opponent “Hercegovac”, winning themselves a stunning win of 27:8. It should be noted that the best performance was given by Trifunović and Lazović. In the most beautiful fight of the tournament, Rašović partly redeemed himself for the previous defeat. Not feeling the pressure, Rašović once again showed his true value in a subtle fight, marked with fine moves which resembled ballet more than a martial art. Vujović left the impression of a strong fighter, on a par with the judo masters. Rašović made a mistake when he fought in the heavy class instead of Vujović – a sort of a sacrifice on his part. In the third round of the tournament, the “Hercegovac” unexpectedly but deservedly defeated “Bosna” by 19:18, thus qualifying for the finals. 70 Marko Trifunović and Momčilo Milić

When it comes to competitors of the visiting teams, special mention is owed to Filipović and Puškarević (“Bosna”), who were the most successful athletes at the competition, along with Trifunović and Lazović (“Titograd”). And thus, what few had hoped for happened. “Titograd” won the first place, achieving their well-earned victory in a superior fashion and establishing themselves among the best. The tournament in Sarajevo is a new chance. Since “Titograd” have an outstanding team, it would be a pity if they did not qualify for the final four. Still, what has already been achieved is praise-worthy. The tournament referees, dr Vučković and Golubović, made a good impression, despite robbing Vujović of victory by calling the fight with Bazard a tie. The results of the fights fought at the tournament are as follows: Titograd - Bosna 20:20; Titograd-Hercegovac 27:8; Hercegovac-Bosna 19:18. Singles results of the match Titograd-Bosna: Mićković - Filipović I 0:10; Lazović - Katanić 5:0; Trifunović - Brkić 10:0; Vujović – Ba- Žarko Trifunović, Momčilo Milić, Pavle Milić, Jugoslav Ivanović and Marko Trifunović 71

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