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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

At this year’s

At this year’s Adriatic Cup, 110 competitors from our country and abroad took part. They competed in two classes. Vuk Rašović won the under 75 kg competition, whereas the over 75 kg title went to Niemann (Germany), a four time European champion and a competitor who has won against Gessing (the world champion) and other outstanding aces. Rašović road to complete victory was rough. Out of six fights, three were won by ippon, whereas the other ones were won on points. An especially exciting fight was the final one, Rašović vs. Jacks. For entire 15 minutes, one could not tell who would win. The fight was full of exceptional twists and fine moves. Obviously, the two true masters had all the tricks up their sleeves – no wonder that the fight has been described as the most exciting in the tournament. Rašović was better by a narrow margin, enough to get the precious trophy to Titograd. The over 75 kg title went to Niemann, although Ross and Hoare (England) had the advantage at certain points. The trophy has become Niemann’s permanent property, having in mind that this was the third time he has won the international competition “The Adriatic Cup”. (From an article by Vujisić, published in “Pobjeda“on July 10, 1966). This result put Rašović among the ten best athletes of Montenegro for 1966. On the ranking list of the best athletes for that year, Rašović took the third place, right behind the parachuter Dragoljub Dragović and the water polo player Božidar Stanišić. The first senior state champion from Montenegro was Milorad- Miško Vujović, who won this title in Maribor in 1968. This feat meant that the forecast given by the federal coach Svetozar Mihajlović to Boro Šoć, the journalist of “Pobjeda”, after the Seminar for Judo Instructors in Cetinje, had come true. The result earned Vujović a place among the ten best athletes for 1968 as second-ranked, right after the boxer Husein Mahmutović, who was named the best athlete of Montenegro. In the under 14 category, Pavle Milić from Titograd was ranked first at the state championship that same year. This result also placed him among the ten best athletes of Montenegro, in the sixth position. The Judo Club “Titograd” was in the centre of all judo events in Montenegro at the time. Its development largely contributed to the 76

development of judo in Montenegro. But, in 1966, Vuk Rašović and Marko Trifunović left Titograd to go and serve in the army, leaving Titograd’s team much weakened. In an article published in “Pobjeda”, on November 6, 1966, entitled “Goal – Staying among the Best”, the journalist Vujisić wrote: “With the departure of Vuk Rašović and Marko Trifunović to do military service, the Judo Club “Titograd” has lost two tremendous athletes who were the driving force of the team. Thus, Titograd has not only lost its competitors, but its coaches too, which gave the team a hard time, having in mind that the team were still in its infancy and needed to mature in order to establish themselves permanently among the top Yugoslav judo teams. Taking into account that judo is a martial art, it soon gathered many fans and established itself as the favourite of Titograd’s sport lovers. And just when it was about to enter the race for the top along with those “subscribed” for such rankings (“Mladost”, “Slavija”, “Partizan”, “Student”), the departure of Rašović and Trifunović who had to do military service left the team on its own. Many thought this would be fatal for the further work and success of the team. The Titograd’s team started training and preparing for a new season just over a month ago. Out of the team’s first-stringers, only Mićković, Lazović and Vujović have remained. However, as Vujović has many obligations at work, he has had to sacrifice proper practice, leaving the team with just two regulars at the moments when everything seems lost. Still, judging from the current situation in the club, we should not be so sceptical and we should believe in the young forces that have sprung in “Titograd“. Lazović, who has achieved outstanding results and who was a hard nut to crack even for the masters of judo at the tournaments last year, has taken over the coaching. Wishing to see how they work and train this year, we visited the team while they were practicing a few days ago. Discpline and seriousness during training were at a high level. Out of thirty young men who were practising, hardly two or three were over 20. In one corner of the gym, the under 12 judokas were training. “There are about ten judokas who are under 12 years old – Lazović explained. 77

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