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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

But we can’t help them

But we can’t help them much, because we don’t have proper mats and crash pads”. And so the judokas practice on the bare floor. Needless to say, this is dangerous as well: “It’s the same as if we practiced on the concrete – Mićković interrupted – and to tell you the truth, I often hate judo when I think that somebody could seriously get hurt while traning.” In a long interview with coach Lazović and Žugić, the secretary of the club, we learned about a number of problems which have emerged and which have followed the club since the day it was founded. - We’ve really had bad luck – Žugić said. We had an amazing team, capable of greatest feats, but with the departure of Rašović and Trifunović who went to the army, we have lost a lot. Another trouble, so to put it, are the funds. We have spent all of the 920,000 old dinars we were given by the municipal AOPC for this year. Looking at judo from such a bureaucratic point of view is bizarre and the funds which we are allocated to us are like charity. If quality were financed, which is the method that should be adopted here, then the judo club in Titograd would have got much more funds, in line with the results which have been achieved so far. The young men who we found training wore torn kimonos. However, work and discipline, the understanding of sport and much more make these young men great. We were witnesses that once again, the clerical pen has truly “killed” another sport which bears all elements of nobility and humanity. - Don’t worry, Lazović said. We’ll prove our value with our results and work. Not everything is lost and soon we will have another team ready for new competitions, new feats and new challenges. Anyways, the pillars of the team are here: Mićković, Lazović, Milić and Vujović. We only lack a good fighter for the middle-heavyweight class. But soon we will solve this issue because we have great beginners that soon will be heard of at our disposal. - Are there any chances that a tournament will be held in Titograd by the end of the year? – we asked Žugić. - In these conditions, no way! Even if happened, we wouldn’t even be able to provide the equipment for the tournament (mats and the crash 78

pads). Nevertheless, we have been invited to take part at a promotional tournament in Dubrovnik. It would do us good if we could test our current strength. But the issue is, how shall we find the necessary money? The under-12’s team of “Titograd” with Momčilo Milić and Zuvdija Hodžić In the interview, we found out that Mihajlović (the coach of the state national team who was one of the people who started the initiative to found a judo club in Titograd a couple of years ago) wanted to come occasionally and coach. But, even though he does not have any special demands, other than that his expenses be covered, there is no understanding and, supposedly, there is no money for this. And so, while the sport fora are following a bureaucratic policy when it comes to the Judo Club “Titograd”, about forty young men and ten under-twelves are practicing with determination three times a week and promise good results and new successes. “Possibilities and ways of providing funds for those achieving outstanding results should be found in the future. For, the Judo Club “Titograd” might come across insurmountable obstacles and meet its end. Or, which is even worse, it might linger at a beginner’s level.” Unfortunately, appeals and warnings were not enough to make the competent sport institutions in Titograd realise the severity of the problems of 79

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