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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

this club and help it

this club and help it within their jurisdiction. Thus continued the agony of the members of the exemplary and successful sport collective, whose results have exceeded the conditions and circumstances in which they were achieved. Such “bureaucratic negligence”, the term that the judokas coined to term the unwillingness of the social structures in charge with the development of sport, followed all sports, except for football, for quite a long time. At that time, the compenent people in the sport institutions (there were exceptions) saw as their priority activity and usually their only activity, the annual allocation of funds to sports (at the beginning of the year) and reviewing sport results (at the end of the year). The rest was left to athletes themselves and their teams. This is why many athletes (including those who were named athletes of the year of Montenegro) achieved their results solely thanks to their talent, knowledge, determination and great sacrifice. At the end of their careers, many of them were completely forgotten by the society which had given them recognition while they were active. Such examples were not rare, which points to the conclusion that these were not isolated cases but common practice, almost a rule. This showed that the essence of sport, its role and significance for every individual and the society as a whole, was not completely understood and that the sport institutions of the system and individuals within them, acted accordingly. The medals and the trophies would be displayed in cabinets or hung on the wall, to be just a pleasant memory for athletes and remind them of events which were extraordinary but which also left a bitter taste in their mouth because of the negligence towards the medal winners, which especially later became evident. The problems and the situation in the club in general were aptly described by the journalist Vujisić in an article entitled “What Is to Be Done with the Judo Club ‘Titograd’?”, published in “Pobjeda” on October 2, 1966: “If all last year’s results of the Montenegrin athletes are taken into account, both in singles and team competition, at national and international level, then, without any doubt, it could be stated that most titles in the Republic were won by the Titograd’s judokas. Let us remind ourselves of some of the results from that season: the Judo Club “Titograd” won the fourth place in the First Judo League and thus placed itself among the best in the country. 80

Despite remarkable results in the qualifiers, Rašović (coach and competitor), had to retire due to an injury at the absolute state championship. At the international competition “The Adriatic Cup”, in the competition of the best Europeans (Niemann and Jacks, among others), Rašović won the under 75 kg competition, defeating Jacks in the finals. The triumph against the “invincible” Englishman (who has spent two years in Japan at the University for Judo) and winning the Adriatic Cup are considered to be the greatest result our judokas have achieved in the past several years. Last year, Rašović and Trifunović, multiple champions and members of the national team, fought for “Titograd” alongside with Vujović, who with his original fighting style inspired fear even to the most renowned aces. Despite the fact that judo is a young sport, it has firmly established itself among young people in Montenegro. The youngest Montenegrin generation now has its representatives. Lazović, Mićković and Milić are currently the competitors that the Judo Club “Titograd” can count on and they are launching on a bright sport career. These young men, whom nobody had heard of just a while ago, have drawn serious attention. Their last year’s results undoubtedly point to the fact that a talented generation is about to come, a generation which lacks fights and tough matches to gain experience and to mature. The greatest contribution to the development of judo in Montenegro was given by Rašović and Trifunović, who were both the coaches and the competitors of the club from Titograd. No less deserving were Lazović, Mićković and Vujović, who gave their best in all their fights and who contributed to the affirmation of their club and Montenegrin judo outside Montenegro. But when most was expected, the club encountered difficulties. Rašović and Trifunović went to the army and thus left “Titograd” without coaches and two competitors who brought sure wins and points for the club. The team, weakened as they were, have started preparations. At the beginning of the next year, the state championship will be held, but instead of fighting for the very top, “Titograd” will have to do their best to 81

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