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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

The national team of

The national team of Montenegro, Split 1974 With the departure of Mićković, Lazović, the brothers Velimirović, the brothers Ivanović and others, the club continued to work with younger competitors. The period which is needed for a judoka to mature for big competitions is much longer than in other sports, which is 84

why “Titograd” got another chance to take part in the qualifiers for the Federal League as late as 1972. This time as well, Vuk Rašović arrived from Belgrade as a reinforcement for Titograd’s judokas. The qualifiers for the federal league were organised in Novi Sad, and the following competitors represented the team: Dragomir Škatarić, Božidar Markuš, Vuk Rašović, Momčilo Milić and Mirko Jovanović. “Titograd” was not represented in the under 60 kg class, whereas it had two competitors in the under 80 kg class: Vuk Rašović and Božidar Markuš. Of course, as an older, more experienced and better competitor, Vuk Rašović fought for the team. The team managed to qualify and become a member of the First Federal League. The first three-team match of the First Federal League was held in Novi Sad, on November 4, 1972. Titograd’s judokas who went to Novi Sad were Momčilo Markuš, Vuk Rašović, Momčilo Milić, Dragomir Škatarić, Božidar Markuš, Momčilo and Pavle Milić and Mirko Jovanović. The Titograd’s “Tribina” published an article, entitled “Fine Start for Titograd”, which we quote here: “The first round of the Federal Judo League was played as part of the tournament competition held in Novi Sad. “Titograd” fought against two teams from Novi Sad – “Student” and “Slavija”. On the first day, the Titograd’s judokas defeated “Student” by 2:1. The singles results: lightweight M.Markuš-Savić 0:1(0:7), half-middleweight: Škatarić- Martić 1:0 (10:0), middleweight M. Milić-Milosavljević 1:0 (5:0), halfheavyweight: Rašović-Aleksić 0:0 (0:0) and heavyweight: Jovanović- Đurović 0:0 (0:0). In the match against “Slavija”, staged on the second day of the competition, “Titograd” was defeated by 4:1. The results: M.Markuš- Kojanović 1: 0 (7: 0 ), half-middleweight: Škatarić-Čihi 0:1 (0:5), middleweight: Rašović-Obadov 0:1 (0:10), half-heavyweight M. Milić- Bajčetić 0:1 (0:10) and heavyweight: Jovanović-Kovačević 0:1. The judokas of “Slavija” were convincing in the match between the two domestic teams and are considered to be the most serious candidate for the new champion. Still, the lads from Titograd came in as a pleasant surprise, having won themselves one fight, which allows for a far better ranking in the rounds to come.” 85

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