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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

The team from Titograd

The team from Titograd competed successfully and stayed in the first league for several years. At that time, “Titograd” also had a good cooperation with Italy. And that 1972, just as it was the case the previous years, the Titograd’s team took part at the international competition organised in Mola di Bari, Italy. The athletes who went to Bari were: Dragomir Škatarić, Zdravko Milić, Mihailo Markuš, Božidar Markuš, Momčilo Milić and Mirko Jovanović. The results of the Montenegro Championship (for seniors), and the Yugoslav under 14 and junior championship, held in 1974, as well the results of the league matches staged in 1975, speak volumes of the team and individual quality of the club. “Titogradska Tribina” published an article entitled “Six Titles to Lads from Titograd”, in April, 1974: “On Sunday, April 12, Titograd was the host of the Montenegro Judo Championship. Seventy competitors from Titograd, Nikšić, Bar and Kotor took part. The competition was organised in 10 classes. The Judo Club “Titograd” was the most successful, having in mind that they won titles in six classes. The republican champions are: Jovan Šuković - super lightweight (Bar); Momčilo Markuš - lightweight (Titograd); Zlatko Đuretić - first half-middleweight (Titograd ); Zajim Kriještorac - second half-middleweight (Kotor ); Milan Saičić - first middleweight (Titograd ); Božidar Markuš - second middleweight (Titograd ); Momčilo Milić - first heavyweight (Titograd); Nikola Miljević - second heavyweight (Bar); Dragan Šćepanović - heavyweight (Bar) and Mirko Jovanović - super heavyweight (Titograd ). In the absolute class, the first place was taken by Momčilo Milić from Titograd, whereas Božidar Markuš, also from Titograd, was ranked second. The republican champions are to compete at the Yugoslav championship, which is to be held in Novi Sad on May 1. On April 12, 1974, numerous spectators and competitors impatiently awaited the final fight in the absolute class between Momčilo Milić, my coach, and me. Prof. Mihailo Burić, a federal referee, was designated to 86

e the referee for the fight. When Milić and I entered the fighting area and bowed to the spectators and to each other, I approached the referee Burić and said that I forfeited, out of respect for my coach. Soon afterwards, at the surprise of everyone, including Milić himself, the referee Burić pronounced Milić the winner. I might have, sometimes, because of the events that ensued later, thought for a moment that by giving up the fight I had made a mistake. The title of the absolute senior champion of Montenegro was the highest title that could have been won in Montenegro, and to me, as a junior, it would have had special significance, having in mind that before this I could not take part at some of the competitions due to injuries. Today, however, I am glad to be able to write this. In the gym in Gripe in Split, Croatia, many state championships and competitions have been held. On February 9 and 10, 1974, the state under 14 and junior championship of Yugoslavia was staged. Titograd’s press announced that all the Republic’s and regional teams, as well as the best individuals of YPA, took part. The best results were achieved by the Slovenian team, the second place went to Vojvodina, the third to Croatia, whereas the fourth and the fifth were shared by Montenegro and Serbia. The judokas of Bosna and Hercegovina were ranked sixth, the YPA team was seventh, and Macedonia and Kosovo won the eighth and the ninth place respectively. Veselin Mitrović (“Titograd”) won the second place in Yugoslavia in the under 12 half-middleweight class, thus scoring the best result. “Great success has also been achieved by Branislav Brnjad from Bar. The third places in their classes were taken by Ekrem Jasavić in the under 12 class, Vojin Markuš in the under 12 half-heavyweight class, Božidar Markuš in the junior heavyweight class (all members of the Judo Club “Titograd”). Ilić Milić, a member of “Akademik” from Nikšić, won the third place in the under 12 middleweight class. The fifth places in their classes were taken by Zoran Leković and Mihailo Markuš, whereas good fights were also put up by Alija Husić, the brothers Đurišić, all members of the Judo Club “Titograd” (“Pobjeda”, February 1974). In the Federal Judo League, in 1975, the team “Titograd” won the fifth place, which was a great success. The most 87

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