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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

interesting was the

interesting was the final three-team tournament, held on December 21, 1975 at the hotel “Libertas”, Crotia. The results of this tournament decided the winner of the Federal Judo League. The most serious candidate for the title of the team champion of Yugoslavia was “Impol” from Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia. However, in the first match between “Impol” and “Titograd”, everyone was in for a surprise. “Titograd” won by 6:4 (17:13). After this defeat, the competitors of “Impol” cried over the lost title. Still, unexpectedly, “Slavija” from Novi Sad also lost both their matches to “Željezničar” and “Olimpija”, leaving the champion title to “Impol”, after all. The results: “Impol”-”Titograd” 4:6 (17:13) Vidmajer-Kipa 2:0 (10:0), Topolčnik-Husić (7:0), Rebernjak- Sajičić 0:2 (0:5), Leskovar- Miranović 0:2 (0:3), Dragić-Markuš 0:2 (0:5). “Titograd” - “Dubrovnik” 3:7 (10:20) Kipa-Zekić 0:2 (0:5), Krivokapić-Juričko 0:2 (0:10), Kriještorac- Spaček 0:2 (0:5), Miranović-Baranović 2:0 (10:0), Markuš-Vukotić 1:1 (0:0). The final rankings of the federal league in 1975 were as follows: Impol, Slavija, Olimpija, Mladi Milicionar, Titograd, Mladost, Dubrovnik, Partizan (B), Željezničar, Bosna, Partizan (NS) and Novi Beograd. At the judo exhibition held in Skoplje on December 22, 1976, the Judo Club “Titograd” took part with its strongest team. In the Hall of the Centre of the Yugoslav People’s Army, in front of many spectatos, seven teams fought: “Priština”, “Titograd”, “Vardar”, “Ilinden”, “22. decembar”, “Niš” and”22. decembar II”. This order of teams was at the same time the final ranking recorded after the matches. The final match between the European champion, my former club mate, Goran Žuvela, who fought for “Mladost” from Zagreb, and me, was proclaimed the fight of the evening. In the fight in which the judokas fought neck and neck, Žuvela won. 88

pskog pskog druga, druga, iz iz zagreba~ke zagreba~ke "Mladosti", "Mladosti", Gorana Gorana @uvele @uvele i mene, mene, pr Finalna borba izme|u evropskog prvaka, mog nekada{njeg klu pro gla{ena gla{ena je je za za borbu izborbu ve~eri. ve~eri. Poslije Poslije potpuno potpuno izjedna~ene izjedna~ene borb pskog druga, iz zagreba~ke "Mladosti", Gorana @uvele iimene, borb pro pobijedio gla{ena pobijedio je je je @uvela. za za @uvela. borbu ve~eri. Poslije potpuno izjedna~ene borbe pobijedio je je @uvela. Veljko Veljko Jovanovi} Jovanovi} Darko DarkoJovanovi} Davidovi} Veljko Jovanović Davidovi} Darko Davidović Davidovi} @eljko Bori~i} @eljko Bori~i} @eljko Milo{ Milo{ Bori~i} Stankovi} Stankovi} Milo{ Stankovi} Željko Boričić Miloš Stanković Milorad Mićković Mi}kovi} Milorad Mi}kovi} Milorad Mi}kovi} 89

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