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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

7. 1. 1. PROBLEMS After

7. 1. 1. PROBLEMS After the departure of Marko and Žarko Trifunović in 1969, Momčilo Milić became the coach of the Judo Club “Titograd”. Milić was a talented competitor who had achieved remarkable results. Some older members stopped coming to the club, whereas the majority of others left it. Talking to some of them, I learned that they were harshly expelled by Momčilo Milić and Mirko Jovanović. I myself was the witness of some of the scenes from their stories. Momčilo Milić created a new, young team which scored excellent results. The club again became the member of the First Federal League in 1972, and its competitors were by far the most successful in Montenegro and among the best in Yugoslavia. On January 14, 1977, Husnija Redžepagić, the president of the club, announced in a traning session of the first team that instead of Momčilo Milić, Mirko Jovanović was to take helm of the team. This decision particularly came as a surprise to Momčilo Milić, having in mind that Mirko Jovanović was his best friend and that Milić had coached him. For the competitors of the club, the change was unexpected, especially because the club had achieved outstanding results. Nobody knew what motivated the president of the club to reach such a decision, but, a few years later, the most prevailing version of the story was that Jovanović had informed Redžepagić that Milić did not put Alija Husić on the first team because of his nationality, even though Husić was alledgedly better than Dragomir Škatarić. The truth behind this will remain a secret, but the fact is that the event determined the future of this sport in Podgorica, the career of many competitors and that it largely influenced the events concerning the development of judo in Montenegro. Jovanović pressured certain members of the first team for a long period of time, which is why many of them left the club. Exposed to great pressure and maltreatment, I myself left the club as well. I was 22 at the time and had a “vast” experience of fighting at a federal level. I was third at the junior championship of the SFR Yugoslavia, the winner 90

of the federal junior and senior competition “Krunoslav Avramović” in Zagreb; in 1974, I fought for the Academic Judo Club “Mladost” from Zagreb in the federal league, when the team won the first place, and for many years I had been fighting successfully for “Titograd” in the federal league and other competitions. In order to continue my sports career in 1978, I formed the judo club “Tehničar” at the “Veljko Vlahovic” University. My cousins Momčilo, who was the Yugoslav champion in 1975, Vojislav (Gego), bronze medal-winner for young talents at the Yugoslav championship in 1974, and Mihailo (Bombica), the second place winner at the Junior Championships of Yugoslavia in 1975, soon became members of the club. Our intention was to become members of the First Federal League, which we, with the help of Jugoslav Ivanović, Saša Vučinić and others, almost succeeded in. We believed that, as members of the First Federal League, we would be able to solve all the problems that have been discussed in the previous chapters. In order to mitigate the consequences of almost the entire first team leaving the club “Titograd”, at the beginning Jovanović encouraged young competitors, albeit immature to compete at the federal level, to enter competitions of high importance. A good example is Sreten Kipa who was “thrown into the fire” to replace Momčilo Markuš, who, together with other competitors moved to “Tehničar”. Kipa lost much weight and fought much older and often stronger opponents. Although very talented and an extremely good fighter, he had numerous injuries 91 Momčilo Milić and Mirko Jovanović

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