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Judo In Montenegro

Judo In Montenegro/Božidar Markuš

The club re-entered the

The club re-entered the First Federal League and after years of successful performance it dropped out of the League again and stopped work in 1990. As a competitor, Vukašin Đurović was the Yugoslav junior champion two years in a row (in 1975 and 1976) and the fifth in the European Junior Championship in 1977. At the 1982 International Cup in Dubrovnik, he was declared the best athlete in an extremely strong competition . Tek, 2001. It was godine not na until 2001, nainicijativu D‘udo at the initiative saveza of Crne the Judo Gore Union i iSekreta- of Montenegro zasport and Op{tine the Podgorica, Secretariat fuzijom for Sport klubova of Podgorica, "Tehni~ar" that i the “Budućnost” i "Podgorica" team was rijata za o‘ivljava brought se back serad to "Budu}nosti". life by fusion Trener of the teams kluba “Tehničar” je jebio i iSreten and Kipa, “Podgorica”. a asada su su For Ranko a certain Miranovi} period the i iMom~ilo club coach Marku{. was Sreten Kipa and at present Mom~ilo the coaches Marku{ are je jebio Ranko prvak Miranović SFR Jugoslavije and Momčilo za za1975. Markuš. godinu (u (u 10 10kategorija Momčilo ) Markuš ) i iuspje{no was se the setakmi~io 1975 Yugoslav u uPrvoj hampion saveznoj (in ligi. 10 categories), je je who bio competed dvostruki successfully seniorski prvak in the SFR First Jugoslavije Federal League. i irepreze- Sreten Sreten Kipa ntativac. Kipa was Osvaja~ a double je jesenior prvih mjesta champion na nabrojnim of Yugoslavia takmi~enjima. and a national Uspje{no team radi member. kao trener. He won the first place in numerous competitions. He works successfully as a coach. Vuka{in \urovi} Vukašin Đurović Sreten Sreten Kipa Kipa Mom~ilo Mom~ilo Marku{ Marku{ Momčilo Markuš Ranko Ranko Ranko Miranovi} Miranovi} Miranović 94

7. 2. JUDO CLUBS “AKADEMIK” AND “BRAĆA LABUDOVIĆ” - NIKŠIĆ The “Akademik” team has had training practice regularly and participated in numerous competitions since 1964. A large number of skilled judo practitioners have been formed in all age categories. Already in 1979, the club became member of the First Federal League in Zenica. The team included: Dimitrije Roćenović (under 60 kg), Nail Banda (under 65 kg), Momir Mijušković (under 71 kg), Milić Ilić (under 78kg), Milić Radulović (under 86 kg), Zoran Blečić (under 95 kg) and Miloš Ostojić (over 95 kg). In a decisive match to qualify for the national team in Zenica, “Akademik” defeated the Belgrade team “Milicionar”, whose almost all members were national team members at the time. This event proved to be a turning point for “Akademik”. From then onwards, the club has competed with great success in company of the best, and, in December 1992, it won the state championship. The same year, the “Braća Labudović” women’s judo team from Nikšić also won the first place in the championship. These results, together with those in singles, represent the biggest success of the Montenegrin judo, while Dragomir Bečanović’s winning the first place in the 1989 World Championship in Belgrade is at the same time the biggest success in the history of Yugoslav judo. The activities that Petar Ilić have been engaged in for more than forty years to contribute to the development of judo, border on fanaticism. Although not professionally engaged, he dedicated his free time to judo sport and the organization of judo activities. By saying “free time”, I am making a huge mistake because Ilić also invested in judo the time which cannot be treated as “free”. On the whole of the former Yugoslav territory, wherein, by the very the nature of the functions that I performed, I had an overview of all activities, there is not a single individual who has devoted more time and energy to judo sport than Ilić. As a coach, referee and official he has achieved outstanding results, shaped and trained many competitors to achieve top results. 95

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