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BS 8612 WHAT DOES THE NEW STANDARD MEAN FOR CONTRACTORS? January 31st finally saw the launch of BS 8612, the Dry-fixed Ridge, Hip and Verge systems for Slating and Tiling Standard. The new Standard is a product specification which provides minimum performance requirements for dry-fix roofing components. But what does it mean for contractors? We asked a number of manufacturers to give their thoughts... Roofing contractors should welcome the changes that the new BS 8612 Standard will bring to the market; as it will help ensure inadequate quality products are designed out of roof specifications and set a minimum performance that can be used to compare competing systems. using mortar bedded cappings. Not only that, dry fix systems are generally lightweight and straightforward to work with, equating to an easier and quicker fitting process. Installation is not dependent on getting the correct mortar mix or having to wait for dry weather. Ged Ferris, Marketing Manager, Cembrit Other benefits of using a dry fix system include reduced repair To prepare for the Standard, roofing contractors costs and fewer call backs. There are tried and should review the dry fix systems they currently tested systems backed by leading manufacturers use and where possible, use manufacturers who that can be relied upon. provide high quality roofing accessories, which meet the latest standards and can demonstrate Contact Cembrit UK 01189 586 217 long-term performance and durability. Using a dry-fix system to secure ridges, hips, and verges @CembritUK is easier than the time-consuming method of Since BS 5534: 2014 – which brought about a step change in the requirements for fixing of pitched roofs both for roof tiles and ridge, hip and verges – we have seen an acceleration in the move away from traditional mortar fixing to modern dryfix. Dr Kevin Ley, Technical Manager, Redland Unfortunately, the resulting increased demand for dry-fix products and a lack of standardised performance requirements allowed products of questionable fitness for purpose to enter the market. The resulting problems meant there was a significant risk that past mistakes concerning mortar fix failures would be repeated. The publication of BS 8612, the first ever product Standard for dry-fixed ridge, hip and verge products in the UK, is therefore an essential and welcome landmark for the industry. Not only will it ensure that dry-fix design and installation standards are raised; but also that developers, contractors and building owners get the product quality and performance they deserve. Contact Redland 03708 702595 @_Redland Richard Bishop, Wienerberger Category Marketing Manager Wienerberger welcomes the changes that BS 8612 bring to the market; although not law it will help ensure an improved standard of products used in roof specifications. It is essential that specifiers state a compliance to the British Standard or risk a sub standard product being used. For the first time, BS 8612 sets minimum requirements for dry-fix products in a market driven by legislation and guidelines. The use of dry fix products has been increasing as a result and has seen many ‘cost engineered systems’ enter the market. It is essential that we, the chain, work together to ensure compliant systems are used. In short, by working together and complying to both BS 5534 and BS 8612 we will improve the standard of pitched roofing in the UK, and this will mean your project is delivered to the highest quality. Contact Wienerberger 0845 303 2524 @wienerbergeruk 20 TC MARCH 2018


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