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Gutter Lining TRAINING,

Gutter Lining TRAINING, GAINING & SUSTAINING Ampteam tells Total Contractor why it feels training makes things easier for all in the supply chain... The series of project photographs below and right show pre and post images of a Unifold installation. The final result, I am sure anyone who has seen gutter installations before would agree, looks good – well not just good, but very good. As we all know, high quality installations don’t just happen by accident. We decided quite some time ago as company policy not to just supply a consignment and expect those on site – who may have never installed Unifold before – to just get on with it! In fact, we would never supply to anyone unless our training programme had first been completed to our satisfaction. This protects our system, the installer / site operative, and ultimately the end user customer. Approved contractors This particular Unifold liner (see images) was installed by one of our approved contractors and “We would never supply to anyone unless our training programme had first been completed to our satisfaction” their site operatives have been trained to install the system at our factory facility. Following training, this level of quality is what we have come to expect from our installers. Guarantees We, like many system suppliers within our industry, provide a comprehensive training programme, free of charge to potential installers of our Unifold Gutter System. It is only by doing this that we can provide a constant net result on every occasion and support our 25 year guarantee which Above and below, top: The completed Unifold liner installation. Bottom, left and right the roof was not draining correctly and ponding water was causing serious problems includes the installation as well as quality of the materials and manufacture. Apart from teaching the techniques involved with installation and site joint manufacture, we feel it is important that there is an understanding of the technology behind the system and why the product, correctly installed, will perform to the highest standard whilst at the same time providing an installation that the installers can be justifiably proud. “High quality installations don’t just happen by accident” The course involves practical training and a theory presentation followed by a multiple choice test and, when successfully completed, candidates are awarded a numbered installer’s card with photographic identification. More to learn We have found the course is beneficial for business owners and contracts managers, as well as site operatives to attend, as there is more to learn than just the installation practices. Contact Ampteam 01384 252777 30 TC MARCH 2018

New dimension in EPDM attachment Experience the new dimension of attachment with the RhinoBond® induction system on HERTALAN® EASY COVER membranes. This entire system uses induction - compatible plates to secure the HERTALAN® EPDM-membranes and insulation to the roof construction without having to penetrate the roof membrane. • No puncture of the EPDM roofing membranes • Even distribution of wind load (field fastening) • Fast & efficient installation, saving man-hours • Can be used in damp, cold weather • Up to 50% fewer fixing elements • On-site support • 1000’s of projects and 170 million m 2 installed LIVE DEMO 6th March - Holiday Inn Brentwood 9am - 11.30am 7th March - Holiday Inn High Wycombe 9am - 11.30am Call 01623 627285 to book T +44 (0)1623 627 285 F +44 (0)1623 652 741 E

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