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Insulate Magazine Ecobuild 2018 Special Edition

Ecobuild 2018 special edition of Insulate Magazine, featuring Insulate exclusive articles and excellent insulation insight from Mauer, BBA, Insulation Superstore, Isover, NIA, Netsezch, 3M, IMA, Quinn, MIMA,

A site for sore eyes

A site for sore eyes Looking at the advantages of BBA Certification As you well know, major construction work on building sites involves a huge amount of product and materials checking, not least to make sure everything meets the exacting requirements of building regulations. This can be stressful at the best of times and a helping hand is always welcome. That’s why more and more people are coming to the BBA for off-site certification of their products. For many years now, our work in the offsite construction sector has brought peace of mind to hundreds of architects and manufacturers alike. BBA Agrément Certificates are widely read and respected by industry decision-makers who want to select innovative products that have been thoroughly assessed by the BBA. Our assessors have decades of experience in evaluating Offsite Construction, and we are currently assessing many new systems, adding to the many already approved including insulated concrete formwork, SIPs and framed systems. Of course, our main focus is on the requirements of Building Regulations — not just in England and Wales, but also in Scotland and Northern Ireland. But we go much further than that. We want to ensure that a system is not only waterproof, warm and structurally sound; it has to be durable, too. No-one wants to buy a system with a short life expectancy, so we seek to ensure that it will last for an appropriate period of time. Neither are our assessments simply desk exercises. As well as testing, we go out to the factory to check system documentation and control, making sure that the specification we approve is capable of being produced consistently. We also go out on site to see units being offloaded and installed. That’s because we know that what may seem simple when explained in a dry office or factory can turn out to be very different on a building site. Once we have gathered data from testing, factory inspections and site surveillance, we consider how we can use it to establish that the requirements of Building Regulations and other statutory or non-statutory documents have been met. BBA Agrément Certificates are regarded as quite simply the best assurances you can get for your off-site products. With BBA’s 50 years of unrivalled expertise in building and construction certification, it’s easy to see why. 01923 665300 Insulate Columnist NIA Supports New Government Quality Drive Insulate Magazine columnist Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the National Insulation Association As part of the Governments Each Home Counts recommendations, British Standards Institution (BSI) has been appointed by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to review and revise the existing PAS2030:2017 (specification for the installation of energy efficiency measures in existing buildings) and develop a new PAS2035 specification for energy efficient retrofit of domestic buildings which will clearly set out the standards for the installation of each energy efficiency measures. BSI hosted a stakeholder engagement workshop on 10th January 2018 to brief key organisations on the work involved and seeking their support – I attended the event on behalf of the National Insulation Association (NIA). This work is extremely important as it will clearly set out the specifications and standards that will apply to the installation of insulation measures. The existing PAS2030 is a little complicated and there are some aspects that are open to interpretation however, this project provides the opportunity to simplify matters and remove any ambiguity ensuring that all installers will install to a common, uniform standard. The NIA will be represented on the PAS2030 and PAS2035 Steering Groups and the Measures Experts Groups and the intention is for these new specifications to be introduced in October 2018 alongside the new Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and Each Home Counts Quality Mark. At the NIA we are very supportive of Each Home Counts as it provides a vehicle to ensure quality installations are delivered on a consistent basis and instil confidence in policy makers, specifiers and householders. In addition to contributing to the development of the new specifications, we will be ensuring that our members are kept up to date and provide advice and guidance to help them comply with the new standards. Furthermore we are also working with the British Electrical Allied Manufacturers Association (BEAMA) in developing new industry guidance which will clearly set out minimum ventilation requirements when installing insulation. We are also advising the Scottish Government on the new quality framework they are currently developing for Government funded schemes. For more information about all the work above and membership of the NIA please email 33

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