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Insulate Magazine Ecobuild 2018 Special Edition

Ecobuild 2018 special edition of Insulate Magazine, featuring Insulate exclusive articles and excellent insulation insight from Mauer, BBA, Insulation Superstore, Isover, NIA, Netsezch, 3M, IMA, Quinn, MIMA,

The only independent

The only independent insulation industry trade magazine instant insulate A quick look at what is in store in this months issue of Insulate Magazine. Head over to page 9 for #insulation That’s all well and good, providing they are working properly after being properly tested and assessed by industry experts. Read More: Page 6 And because this is a magazine about insulation and constrution, another question is: could a similar fate befall buildings that don’t deliver their designed performance? Read More: Page 24 It is important to understand why a specification has beeen made as this sets the parameters for exploring opportunities to value engineer the solution Read More: Page 16 Respiratory face fit testing ensures that a chosen piece of equipment is capable of sealing adequately to a particular individual. Read More: Page 19 There has been much positive movement so far – more than we could ever have expected - and 2018 is most definitely the year for the gaps to be filled in the Government’s aspirations. Read More: Page 22 This work is extremely important as it will clearly set out the specifications and standards that will apply to the installation of insulation measures Read More: Page 33 Whilst some improvements have been made and plenty of homes are better than they were, we still have many homes that are woefully inadequate... Read More: Page 38 Acoustics is a vital build consideration during the early planning stages for both architects and developers, to ensure a comfortable and quiet environment for occupants. Read More: Page 40 Has Cheap Insulation Changed the Industry? Turn to page 13 4

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