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BEGINNERS Hayden Petersen acknowledges Mariah Nagle for her leadership of the beginner’s department at Big Camp 2018. This was Mariah’s second year of leading out. The theme for beginners was Noah’s Ark. Beginners experienced an increase in the numbers of children and parents participating. Thankyou to all the parents and and children who came along and attended during the week. BIG CAMP REPORTS KINDERGARTEN There was loads of action in “Kindy Sky HQ” with plenty of singing, stories, crafts and games. Our special guest pilot, Captain Di, flew in from Townsville and took the Kindy Air Cadets on an amazing journey through the Bible, in particular the stories of Jesus!!! We discovered that no matter who you are, no matter how you feel, no matter what people do, no matter what happens to us, no matter how long it takes, YOU CAN TRUST GOD!! We had the brilliant “Mrs Craft McCloud” AKA Michelle Robinson and the amazing Amie Paletua, provide awesome crafts which included bandaged bears, decorating paper fans, GIANT bubbles, God Goggles, and a beautiful 8 metre long mural which the Kindy Air Cadets added to each day. The afternoon activities included indoor games, waterslide, jumping castle, and on our final day of activities we had the waterslide, jumping castle, and tractor hay rides. A huge thank you to the entire Kindy Flight Crew, and the awesome parents that helped make Kindy Sky HQ an amazing place to experience God. Captain RayRay - Pr. Raymon Paletua

PRIMARY Primary explored God as creator with “Maker Fun Factory” with worship, activities and craft all designed around the theme. Pr Simo (Simo mun) shared “that you were created for a purpose and God has a plan for you”. This year was the biggest Primary Tent so far with over 80 kids and 20+ staff. All enjoyed the Laser Tag, Thredbo Pool and Slide and the first primary waterski day at Jindabyne Big Camp ever! Thanks to all the staff and volunteers, thankyou Jesus for being our Maker! - Pr. Andrew McCrostie JUNIORS This year our theme in the junior tent was SOLUTION. Pr. Willie Strickland AKA Milo engaged with the kids and spoke of how Jesus is the solution to all our spiritual and practical problems in life. We had many activities and saw relationships develop as we spent time getting to know new people and gain new friends. The staff were great, giving their time, effort and long days to bring hope to our young people. Out of 31 juniors who made decisions this year, all asked to be more involved in their churches at home! Please take this seriously and make effort to involve them in the church. Twenty five asked for studies leading to baptism, Praise God! Let us pray for our young people and let us take their decisions seriously. - Pr. Adam Tonkin SNSW Big Camp Recordings Big Camp 2018 Presentations now available to watch, listen & download Visit the SNSW Conference Website: Page 4 | 5 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

TEENS Teens always love getting together and Big Camp 2018 was no exception. Our teens showed that they were ready to get into God’s Word. Following our breakfast smoothies at 7:30am they participated in small group Bible studies that journeyed through the book of Mark. Later in the morning the tent was crowded as Pr. Rajko Celic opened the book of Daniel to eager minds. This was followed with a Bible Q&A time where our teens presented our panel of leaders with thoughtful and significant questions. A number of teens shared how much they enjoyed these parts of our day. Afternoons were filled opportunities to mix together in fun ways including go-karting, laser force, Thredbo pools, water sports at the lake and water games at camp which included covering each other in colourful powder just for the fun of it. Our teens lead out in praise and worship each evening and on Sabbaths. They also participated each night in YOUTH The Youth Shed 2018 was an awesome spiritual awakening, with youth inspired to Concede their life to the will of Jesus Christ. A Big thank you to Matt Para our speaker, and all the youth that got involved to make the Youth Shed an awesome place to worship and have fun. Toby Clare inspired our youth to think about their practical missional opportunities in their everyday life, during PLUNGE. The youth spent a lot of their activity time at the Jindabyne beach front swimming, skiing and wakeboarding. However, walks through the Snowy Mountains and 4X4 Driving was also enjoyed. Thank you to Hayden and the Banquet team for another cracker night. We would like to congratulate Emily-Rose Crothers for her decision to follow Jesus through baptism. Looking forward to seeing you next year. presenting an engaging drama that presented real-to-life issues that connected with the topic for the evening. Our guest speaker, Aniele Deojeé, challenged everyone to “Step Up to Step Out” as she lead us through the experience of Joshua as God shaped him as a leader. At the conclusion of the week a number of teens indicated their desire to be involved as leaders. One of the highlights of the final Sabbath was the baptism of two of our teens, brother and sister, Ethan and Loni Carter. Seventeen other teens indicated their desire to be baptised and some have already been baptised since Camp. A number also expressed their desire to be involved in Bible studies. We praise God for the work He did in the teen tent during camp. We thank Him for bringing together a wonderful group of teens and an amazing team to lead them. - Pr. Owen Ellis Matt Para preaching - Pr. Phil Yates


ADULTS Marble the Mouse and Pr. Jimmy Watanabe sharing bible stories with the kids every night. The Adventist Alpine Village was “The Place To Be” for big camp; and the big tent was the place to be at camp. The theme for the big tent was “SALT: Flavour The World.” We were privileged to have as Keynote speaker, our Australian Union president, Pastor Jorge Munoz. Those attending enjoyed every minute of the messages presented. Pastor Munoz inspired us with many stories and he made the Bible real and practical concerning our mission to flavour the world with the gospel for these last days. Each night was a focus on one of our five conference initiatives: Effective small groups, mentoring young people, community involvement, evangelism, training. ATSIM Following the initiative was a special season of prayer asking for the Spirit of God to move amongst us and use us to flavour our communities with Jesus and His soon coming. Also, the morning and afternoon session by Pastor Justin Lawman and Pastor Cristian Copaceanu, were full of fresh Biblical principles on discipleship, conducting Bible studies and effective Sabbath School and small groups. The experience in the big tent was a special time of renewal, revival and equipping for service. If you couldn’t make it to camp this year plan to come next year, you will be richly blessed as we were this year. - Pr. Ben Kosmeier Wallaga Members catch up with Pr. Jorge Munoz who is also Chair of the AUC ATSIM Committee. Left to right - Paul Campbell, Julie Nagle ATSIM Coordinator SNSW, Carol and Tim Hawkin, Gary Campbell and Pr. Darren Garlett – AUC ATSIM Director and Pr. Jorge Munoz. Pr. Jimmy Watanabe is prayerfully blessed by Wallaga Lake members. Pr. Jimmy now ministers in Kempsey NNSW where Wallaga Lake church members have many relatives. From left to right – Marion Campbell, Pr. Jimmy Watanabe, Paul Campbell, Carol and Tim Hawkin, Gary Campbell and Pr. Darren Garlett – AUC ATSIM Director (who was visiting for the day).

BILLY KART DERBY SINGLES MINISTRY Quite a number of single people made their way to our recent Big Camp and appreciated the messages presented on a variety of topics. As in the year before an invitation was extended to singles groups in other conferences to take this opportunity to meet up with singles from previous events and to make new friendships. Each night after the evening meeting the group met up for refreshments and chat. A highlight of these gatherings was the sharing of testimonies and God’s leading in their lives. Group outings included a picnic by the lake and a drive up to the mountains. These excursions provided opportunities for fellowship and to support and encourage one another spiritually, socially and emotionally. New names have now been added to our contact database so all can be kept informed of future events. An additional blessing for our committee members representing four conferences was the opportunity to meet with Pr. Jorge Munoz, the AUC President. We greatly appreciated his willingness to listen to us as we shared our hopes and future plans for Singles Ministries throughout Australia. Page 8 | 9 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus Since that meeting we had a video conference with Pr. Munoz in which we discussed plans for forming a committee with representation from each conference who will plan events such as Conventions, Cruises and most importantly how to be involved in local community and overseas service projects. We are excited about what the future will bring while we continue to provide events which will offer spiritual growth and friendship with others on the same path. Two comments from attendees sum up Big Camp: “Oh just fantastic. Singles catchup what a comfortable space, great meeting new faces”, and “I gleaned the important fact that God created us for relationships and the importance of having prayer partners”. Thanks to Heather & Wilma from the GS Conference Committee and Brenda from the SNSW Conference who have had input to this article. - Christine Sosnovsky

ADRA The Jindabyne camp Fair Day proved to be a learning opportunity for people across our Conference, as well as a great chance for church and community to come together. Campers had the opportunity to see exactly what ADRA does in NSW when disasters occur. If you didn’t get the chance to be involved in this experience, here is what you missed. The Teen Tent was transformed into a mock Evacuation Centre. Outside the tent, campers were given a weather warning about an expected storm/wind weather event. Campers were then directed on to the Jindabyne Snowy River SES Unit display table where advice was provided on how to be prepared for a rain/flood event, as well as to see a ropes display showing how tarpaulins are set up on damaged roofs. Campers then proceeded into section one of the Teen Tent where a short video on the Standard Emergency Warning System (the push messages you get on your phone when a fire or flood is due to impact your area) was shown. The SES then read out an Evacuation Order stating that due to wind damage and flooding all people had to be evacuated and proceed to the Evacuation Centre set up at the Alpine Adventist Village. Character cards were handed out and “evacuees” ushered into the Evacuation Centre where ADRA’s community partners in Disaster Welfare, Family and Community Services (FACS), Red Cross, Anglicare and Disaster Recovery Chaplains Network ensured that immediate needs were met. Red Cross conducted an initial meet and greet, triaging and registering the “evacuees”. The “evacuees” then proceeded to the FACS desk where their needs were assessed. Those who required material aid such as personal hygiene packs were referred to Anglicare, those who required emergency accommodation were referred to ADRA, and those who were distressed and required pastoral support were referred to the Disaster Chaplains. The morning saw relationships being formed between our local community organisations and ADRA Disaster Welfare volunteers. It also provided an opportunity for all agencies to practice their roles, campers with disaster preparedness information, but most importantly it provided church members with an insight as to how ADRA Disaster Welfare works in their communities when disaster strikes. Thank you to all our “evacuees” and agency volunteers who participated in making this exercise a great success. If you would like to be involved in linking your church with your local community through emergency management, feel free to contact ADRA’s State Emergency Management Coordinator for NSW, Janice Frey, on 1300 237 236. - Janice Frey Page 10 | 11 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

CONFERENCE NEWS PASTORAL MOVES Call to Kempsey - Late last year Pastor Jimmy Watanabe accepted a call to serve as the Senior Chaplain at the Kempsey Adventist School. Pastor Jimmy started his Internship in the Albury/Wodonga district in 2009 and ministered in our Conference for 9 years also caring for Bega/Moruya/Cobargo/Wallaga Lake, and Narromine Church and School. We wish Pastor Jimmy and his wife Debbie and their two children God’s richest blessings in their new challenge. Internship Appointment - Due to Pastor Jimmy Watanbe’s call to Kempsey the Board of Directors of our Conference has called Shaun van Eyssen to minister to Narromine Church and School. Shaun was born in South Africa but immigrated first to New Zealand and then to Australia, completing his secondary education in Brisbane before going to Avondale. Shaun has graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Ministry and Theology from Avondale College and has started his Internship in Narromine this March. He is married to Shahna who has a degree in science, majoring in nutrition. Shaun is very excited to work as a pastor and says: “I have always had a desire to help people who are suffering, resulting in my initial plan being to become a missionary. However, from experiencing life and interacting with the people in the community that are suffering and feeling neglected, I realized that I did not need to go to a third world country to achieve the great commission because there was work to do in my local community. I enjoy being able to help people and to see them succeed in life. Being a pastor is my goal because it would be the best platform to share the vision that God has put on my heart.” May God richly bless Shaun and Shahna in their ministry at Narromine. Responsibilities for departments and ministries: Shaun and Shahna van Eyssen ADRA Projects Coordinator: Sarina Taituave Communication Director: Mike Faber Education Associate Director: Julia Heise Men’s Ministries Coordinators: Phil Yates & Ben Gilett Ministerial Support team: Tony Moala, Dragan Kanazir & Ben Kosmeier Personal Ministries/Sabbath School & Stewardship Liaisons: Mike Faber & Calvin Drinkall Single’s Ministries Coordinator: Christine Sosnovsky ATSIM Coordinator: Julie Nagle Education Director: Jean Carter Health Director: Jeremy Taituave Ministerial Association Liaisons: Mike Faber & Calvin Drinkall Partners in Ministries Coordinators: Doris Faber & Kaylene Kosmeier Religious Liberty Director: Mike Faber Women’s Ministries Coordinator: Wendy Hergenhan Youth/Children’s & Family Ministries Director: Rick Hergenhan Page 12 | 13 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

CONFERENCE NEWS ORDINATION On the first Sabbath of Big Camp January 6, Pastor Rajko Celic was ordained into full time gospel ministry. The ordination candidate was introduced by the General Secretary Calvin Drinkall, Pr. Mike Faber the President of the Conference presented a short sermon while Pr. Jorge Munoz the AUC President offered the charge for ministry. Pr. Justin Lawman who has been working with Rajko as the Senior Pastor in the Canberra District spoke the ordination prayer. ATSIM In late 2017 after his ordination had been approved by the AUC, Rajko accepted a call to serve in Tasmania but expressed his desire to still be ordained in the SNSW Conference at Big Camp. We gladly met his request and wish Rajko and Elize God’s blessings for their ministry in Tasmania. - Pr. Mike Faber President Prayer of dedication for Rajko and Elize We would like to inform our church members that South New South Wales Conference ATSIM now have a formal email address: Jump Start Australia has been placing the truth about Jesus into the hands, hearts and homes of people since 2010. (Literature Evangelism has been moving forward in Australia since 1885). Jump Start has a special emphasis of placing as many spiritual books (such as Ellen G White’s Steps to Christ, The Ministry of Healing, The Desire of Ages, The Great Controversy) into homes as possible. What is Jump Start Australia about? P Practical personal evangelism. P Meeting people in their comfort zone (at their front door). P Sharing LIFE–SAVING books with them (selling or giving away) P Working with angels. P Taking an active personal interest in the holistic well-being of others. P Call Andrew 0410 257 935 Literature Ministry… will you not try it?

SNSW YOUTH MANNA YOUTH RALLY On February 4th around 150 youth turned up to what could be considered the most successful youth rally in recent years. What made it so successful? The fact that it was completely organised and run by the conference young people themselves. The speakers were youth, the organisers were youth, the youth did all the work in promoting and inviting their friends along. The appropriately named theme of ‘Manna’ was indicative of God providing for his people, and the nourishment and fuelling of this event by the Holy Spirit was clearly evident. Huston Ford, Madison Allum, Rhys Thomson Jones, Landers Brook Kelly, Mesake Kaisuva and Michael Nolan are but a few of the names involved with this event. As a church we all can get really excited when we see our young people taking the initiative to share the Gospel, it is reminiscent of the early church where the pouring out of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost took place. “In the last days God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams.” (Acts 2:17). When the story of what took place in our conference was shared with young people around Australia at a youth leaders’ meeting at Converge, many others were encouraged to follow the example of our young people and not necessarily wait for ministry to be organised for them, but to follow the prompting of God’s Spirit and lead the charge themselves! It is hoped that the momentum of our youth in leading the way will continue into the future, it is an exciting time for God’s church! - Hayden Petersen CONVERGE Left to Right: Rhys Thomson Jones, Landers Brook Kelly, Madison Allum, Huston Ford and Mesake Kaisuva For the third year running young people from around Australia gathered together at Stuart’s Point Convention Centre for a festival of worship and fellowship in the name of Jesus. Youth travelled in from Perth, Tasmania and several young people made the effort to drive from Adelaide and Townsville just to be there. Speaker Terence Taylor challenged the young people to have proximity to God, to remain close to him which he illustrated through the story of Ruth. The weekend featured a nightly café, morning bootcamp, watersports afternoon and several trips to the beach! On the Sunday morning a meeting was held with around 80 young people who were involved in youth leadership in their local area. SNSW Youth Madison Allum and Michael Nolan shared with the group the success of the recent Manna Youth Rally leaving the whole group inspired as to what can be achieved by young people on fire for Jesus. Reflecting upon his Page 14 | 15 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus experience at Converge Michael shares, “God worked on me through all of the various parts of Converge, and not surprisingly, the sum hit me hard! To put it simply, don’t come to Converge if you don’t want to hang out with awesome, like-minded people from all around Australia, be challenged by God-inspired leaders, get up before dawn for a beach sunrise or two (optional), and be reminded that no matter who you are and where you are in life, God is wanting to work in and through you! When the dates come out for Converge 2019, put it in your calendar and don’t look back. In the meantime, let me say that God needs you to carry out His work in your community - home, church, town, school, café, workplace... The list goes on. Open yourself up to His leading, and you had better be ready for Him to make waves in and through you!” - Hayden Petersen

CHURCH NEWS Albury Baptism At Border Christian College Emily Crothers made a decision to follow Jesus and commenced bible studies in a group at school. Some time later Emily began to attending church and became part of the sabbath school and teen group, supported by many friends and an elder Paul Goddard. Subsequent Big Camps fired Emily up to commit to Jesus, her parents told her to wait til she was eighteen and she could decide for herself. So at the SNSW Big Camp 2018 she her public committed for Jesus, she was supported by her school friends, teen and youth family, the church families of Albury/Wodonga, Pastors Ben Galindo and Andrew McCrostie (School Chaplain) and Karlie Fraser her friend and mentor who asisted in baptising Emily. It was a joyed filled and long waited celebration! Congratuations Emily and family. - Pr Andrew McCrostie Emily Crothers giving her testimony Broken Hill ADRA Concert Towards the end of 2017, Marilyn Harris and her vocal students, most of whom are in Expression Glee Ensemble, presented a sacred Christmas concert for ADRA. The amount of $510 was raised at the concert, which was held in the Broken Hill church on Sabbath afternoon. The money was earmarked for the Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar. The concert was in the middle of a very busy season for the kids as they performed at community events and a theatre concert. “We try to hold a concert for ADRA each year and they are always well attended and received, “said Marilyn Harris. Page 16 | 17 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus ADRA Concert in Broken Hill

CHURCH NEWS Bega Baptism Bega church members gathered on Sabbath 17 February to celebrate the baptism of four of the local young people. The chilly Bemboka River provided a peaceful setting with the warmth of the sunshine adding to the joy of the day. Local pastor, Pr. Dragan Kanazir, completed studies with these young people, following on from studies with Pastor Jimmy Watanabe. When the course was completed they wanted more. Particularly touching was the testimony of Connor McIlhagga who has found his identity and security in the knowledge that Jesus loves him and cares for him. Dragan was assisted by local youth leader, Barry Hergenhan. Young people stepping out in baptism have their whole lives ahead of them to serve the One who has rescued them! Praise God! - Wendy Hergenhan Pictures L - R: Connor McIlhagga, Gwendolyne Moon, Cornelius Moon, Barry Hergenhan, Evangeline Moon, Pastor Dragan Kanazir Nowra Christmas in the Park The Nowra Seventh-day Adventist Church was once again asked to participate in a “Community Christmas in the Park” event on Monday 18 December 2017. This is held in a lower socio-economic area where local families are welcome to enjoy all the free give-aways provided by various organisations, government departments and local churches. Our tent featured a nativity manger scene, face painting, kids colouring corner (of nativity scenes), hand massages, blood pressure checks, boys & girls gifts, watermelon slices, bags of cherries, fruit muffins, cupcakes and cool bottles of water. We also gave away copies of the Signs magazines and small Steps to Christ booklets. Helen, a regular visitor to our Nowra church, while providing hand massages also extended a friendly welcome to our church programs and weekly lunches. Special thanks to (at the time) church pastor, Tony Moala for helping set up the marquee, tables & chairs and for slicing up some very tasty & juicy watermelon - which was very popular on a hot summer’s day. - Vicki Chalain Page 18 | 19 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus

CHURCH NEWS Nowra Farwell to Pastors I t was a sad time in December 2017 for Nowra church when we CHURCH needed to have NEWS a farewell presentation to our pastoral team who had only been with us for a relatively short period. First up was Pastor Owen Ellis, his wife Deby and baby daughter Gabrielle on the 9th December. Owen was the pastor at Bowral Church and also regularly preached in Nowra to take some of the load off Pastor Moala. Owen has a very kind and caring character and with his teaching background was a favourite for the children’s story time segment of our church service. While Owen will remain in Bowral in 2018 he will also care for the Goulburn Church. Pastor Tony Moala, his wife, Anne, children Drusilla and Desmond were sadly farewelled on the 23rd December following a Communion Service. Tony had a very heavy workload not only pastoring 3 churches (Dapto, Nowra, Ulladulla) but he also had responsibility for conference positions and tertiary studies. The Ellis family Anne’s nursing job will see her take extended shifts and she will be having an extensive commute between Bowral and her new home. Drusilla has completed her first year of studies in Primary Teaching at Avondale College in 2017 and Des has just completed Year 12 and will be looking for an apprenticeship/work in 2018. We will miss Pastor Tony’s spiritual leadership and commitment to our small church where he fully supported each and every endeavour of our church activities. He was just beginning to form stronger bonds within the church membership and to make more contacts in the local community. We were all very disappointed when we heard the news that he had been transferred by the South NSW Conference to the Albury area. The Moala family We will greatly miss the Moala and Ellis families and wish them God’s blessings. - Vicki Chalain

CHURCH NEWS Nowra Adondale Graduate Student In December 2017 Ashley Page graduated from Avondale College with a Bachelor of Arts - Theology degree. Ashley has been completing the last year of her degree by long distance education. She is married to Joshua Page who continues with his medical studies at the University of Wollongong - Shoalhaven campus. Ashley was presented with a congratulatory gift from the Nowra church members on the 16 December. Ashley is part of the Nowra Worship team and we have been blessed by her many well-presented sermons with a strong biblical and spiritual content that continues to enlighten and uplift both young and older church members. Ashley Page on left receives her gift We are also all blessed to have Ashley and Josh both share their singing and musical talents (cello, clarinet and flute). Ashley will commence a Primary Teaching Degree at Wollongong University in 2018. - Vicki Chalain South Canberra Baptisms at Big Camp The last weekend of Big Camp saw two of our teens give their lives to Jesus through baptism. If you have spent time at the AAV you will know them, Ethan and Loni Carter. ‘Number One’ Son and Daughter of Stan and Bron. Already, they are both a powerful witness at their School, Jindabyne State High. Ethan has started to teach scripture and Loni is bringing her friends to Bible Studies every Monday night. #disciples - Pr. Phil Yates Tumut Grant for Wellness Centre Tumut’s Community Wellness Centre is an initiative of the Tumut Seventh day Adventist Church. The centre aims to educate local community members on health and wellbeing issues through a range of programs, workshops and other services. At the official opening in December 2017 the centre received $7,000 in Federal Government funding from the Stronger Communities Grant Program. Left to Right: Stan, Loni, Ethan & Bronwyn Carter Eden-Monaro MP Dr Mike Kelly presented the cheque and expressed his appreciation for the centre. “To me you are living the Christian ideal. If Jesus turned up he would be very pleased. The work of your volunteers also says a lot about the community around you. We really salute what you are doing.” Page 20 | 21 - IMPRINT - to be and grow flourishing followers of Jesus Abigail Brinkman and Shirley Gilroy with Eden- Monaro MP Dr Mike Kelly

CHURCH NEWS Wallage Lake Baptisms On Sabbath, 25 November 2017 seven young people were baptised at Handkerchief Bay SNSW. The young people were from both Wallaga Lake and Cobargo companies. Please keep each of these young people and their families in your prayers. Photo Courtesy of Maria Kanazir. Left to Right from Wallaga Lake - Olivia Harriden, Leah Harriden, Julie Nagle, George Campbell, Lachlan Campbell and from Cobargo - Kyle, Blake and Mason Jee and Pr Dragan Kanazir. - Julie Nagle Wodonga Evangelism Seminar Left to Right from Wallaga Lake - Olivia Harriden, Leah Harriden, Julie Nagle, George Campbell, Lachlan Campbell and from Cobargo - Kyle, Blake Jee, Mason Jee and Pr Dragan Kanazir. Pr. McCrostie presenting the Seminar Wodonga Adventist Community Church commenced an evangelistic program on Tuesday, 24 October 2017. “The Big Picture series” based on a walk through the world of the bible was conducted every Tuesday night and each Sabbath morning leading up to our Community Christmas event. The seminars were hosted by our local church pastor Andrew McCrostie and presented by his father Pastor Peter McCrostie from Tasmania. All attendees were personally invited by our church members and at times up to 30 visitors joined the meetings. At each seminar both pastor’s wives, Lynette and Jossee, welcomed our Pr. McCrostie presenting the Seminar guests and handed out study guides on the different biblical topics ranging from creation to the second coming of Jesus and the New Earthly Kingdom. At the end of the seminar many of our guests remained connected with our church and on Tuesday, January 23 a new series called “ Covering Prophecies of Hope” has been launched conducted twice weekly as previously. Pr. Andy reports, “What is really exciting is the relational focus, the friendship-based invitations, the connections made by the church family and the new series now being run by the Church’s Senior Elderswho are doing a fantastic job! It’s also the unseen efforts, like those inviting attendees to lunch, to help cater, to participate in church life, this is really special and inclusive! We are happy to report similar numbers of participants are still attending, most of whom were at the last series.” - Sue James Pr. McCrostie presenting the Seminar

Cedarvale Medical Missionary Training Program Celebrates Seven Years All thanks to our wonderful heavenly Father who has lead and guided all the way in developing the Training Program as it now stands. The young, and young at heart, who come through the training, learn skills and gain knowledge and practical experience which supports their own personal growth and confidence, as well as simple ways they can help others. In a spiritually supportive environment that follows the principles of our Adventist Health Message, Cedarvale trains young people for eternity and for useful, and professionally recognized industry, in our modern world. Using the wonderful resource of water our students learn about HYDROTHERAPY! “What, no way… a cold shower!!! What is this?!” A fairly common reaction of guests here at Cedarvale when they hear about our mini steam sauna treatment and the invigorating hot and cold contrast showers that follow them! The truth of the matter is that it is quite an experience and something that they never forget. We hear most of them say “that was amazing”, “I feel great” or “I’m definitely going back for that one!” What most people don’t understand is that there is a real science behind cold showers, and hydrotherapy in general! Cedarvale Trainees not only experience the treatments through real-life practical hands-on training, but also learn the science behind the treatments and why a cold shower actually makes them feel great! As well as receiving a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy and a Certificate IV in PCHEP (Presenting Community Health Education Programs), Cedarvale offers 150 acres of rainforest for their trainees as their backyard for a year. Cedarvale is a live-in health retreat which is a Supportive Ministry of the Seventh-Day Adventist church and which aims to educate, support and facilitate maximum health and lifestyle potential of all our guests and staff! As part of this process, Cedarvale uses hydrotherapy, massage, health education and a caring, supportive environment of which our trainees are a part. In summary, our trainees learn health science and natural remedies in a health retreat environment, put their theory into practice and then share what they have learned with guests. If you would like to become part of the team and experience the ultimate Medical Missionary Training Experience, Cedarvale is excited to announce that there are 2-3 positions available every six months for female trainees. Next intakes are in July, 2018 and January 2019. If you know of a young person interested in health, committed to winning souls for the Kingdom and is willing to put self aside and grasp opportunities to serve others. Then a year at Cedarvale is for them. For applications, or to find out more information check out

With over 100 stations around Australia, and reaching approximately 20% of our population, FaithFM is committed to sharing the Biblical message of hope wherever God provides the opportunity. Want to help establish a new FaithFM radio station in your area? Call 1800 324 843 or contact us for more information. Stations in NEW SOUTH WALES - Albury 88.0 - Maitland 87.6 - Burrumbuttock 88.0 - Musswellbrook 88.0 - Central Coast 87.6 - Newcastle 87.6 - Culcairn 88.0 - Nowra 87.8 - Gerogery 88.0 - Port Kembla 87.8 - Gloucester 88.0 - Shellharbour 87.8 - Henty 88.0 - Singleton 87.6 - Jindera 88.0 - Table Top 88.0 - Kiama 87.8 - Taree 87.6 - Lake Macquarie 87.6 - Walla Walla 88.0 - Lismore 88.0 - Wingham 87.6 - Lord Howe Island 87.6 - Wodonga 88.0 - Wollongong 87.8