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Bay Harbour: March 07, 2018

PAGE 6 Wednesday

PAGE 6 Wednesday March 7 2018 BAY HARBOUR Latest Christchurch news at NEW BOOK SHIPMENT JUST UNLOADED NEW RELEASES The Wife’s Tale A Personal History by Aida edermariam The extraordinary story of an indomitable 95-year-old woman – and of the most extraordinary century in Ethiopia’s history. A new Wild Swans A hundred years ago, a girl was born in the northern Ethiopian city of Gondar. Before she was ten years old, Yetemegnu was married to a man two decades her senior, an ambitious poet-priest. Over the next century her world changed beyond recognition. She witnessed Fascist invasion and occupation, Allied bombardment and exile from her city, the ascent and fall of Emperor Haile Selassie, revolution and civil war. She endured all these things alongside parenthood, widowhood and the death of children. The Wife’s Tale is an intimate memoir, both of a life and of a country. In prose steeped in Yetemegnu’s distinctive voice and point of view, Aida Edemariam retells her grandmother’s stories of a childhood surrounded by proud priests and soldiers, of her husband’s imprisonment, of her fight for justice – all of it played out against an ancient cycle of festivals and the rhythms of the seasons. Kill the Angel by Sandrone dazieri A high-speed train from Milan draws into the station in Rome, and an horrific discovery in one carriage rocks the city. Preliminary investigations are put in the hands of Deputy Police Commissioner Colomba Caselli. The police receive a message claiming responsibility for the act and announcing more murders to come, and they duly turn their attention to a small terrorist group of Islamic extremists. But investigator Dante Torre does not believe this angle. For him, this feels like a smokescreen concealing the actions of a killer who has a far more terrible motivation to continue. The trail leads to Berlin and Venice, where the waters of the Venetian Lagoon will turn blood red... Miss Burma by Charmaine Craig A beautiful and poignant story of one family during the most violent and turbulent years of world history, Miss Burma is a powerful novel of love and war, colonialism and ethnicity, and the ties of blood. Miss Burma tells the story of modern-day Burma through the eyes of Benny and Khin, husband and wife, and their daughter Louisa. After attending school in Calcutta, Benny settles in Rangoon, then part of the British Empire, and falls in love with Khin, a woman who is part of a long-persecuted ethnic minority group, the Karen. Benny and Khin’s eldest child, Louisa, has a danger-filled, tempestuous childhood and reaches prominence as Burma’s first beauty queen soon before the country falls to dictatorship. As Louisa navigates her newfound fame, she is forced to reckon with her family’s past, the West’s ongoing covert dealings in her country, and her own loyalty to the cause of the Karen people. Based on the story of the author’s mother and grandparents, Miss Burma is a captivating portrait of how modern Burma came to be and of the ordinary people swept up in the struggle for self-determination and freedom. Chopper - From the Inside by Mark Brandon read “Apart from Irish whiskey, good cigars, Pontiac motor cars, and a pistol grip baby .410 shotgun with solid load shells, what I love the most is kidnapping smartarse gangsters and taking their money. To the human filth I have bashed, belted, iron barred, axed, shot, stabbed, knee capped, set on fire and driven to their graves, I can only quote from the motto of the French Foreign Legion, ‘Je Ne Regrette Rien’...I regret nothing.” Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read is the son of a strict Seventh Day Adventist mother and a shell-shocked soldier who slept with a loaded gun at his side. Bullied at school, he grew up dreaming of revenge, determined to be the toughest and hardest of them all. He became a criminal legend who terrorised drug dealers, pimps, thieves and armed robbers on the streets and in jail - but boasts he never hurt an innocent member of the public. This first volume of Chopper’s memoirs, written from inside jail, tells the story of his early life of crime - from streetfighter to standover man, gunman to long-term prisoner. Chopper: From the Inside is laced with his trademark brutal humour, and gives us a gripping insight into Australia’s underworld. 1005 Ferry rd Ph 384 2063 while stocks last (see instore for terms and conditions) Barry & kerry

Latest Christchurch news at BAY HARBOUR PAGE 7 Wednesday March 7 2018 News NEW: The Sumner skate ramp reopened at its new location on February 25. PHOTO: CRAIG CREW PHOTOGRAPHY Motorists urged to look out for skate ramp users •From page 1 The ramp reopened on February 25 at the corner of Nayland St and Wakefield Ave, where it will remain until a permanent skate park is built in the bays area. “He just ran out from between two cars and just kept on coming and didn’t even look,” said Ms Sirisomphone, who estimated she was travelling about 35km/h. “It just seems not very well thought out. (The children are) so eager to get to the ramp, they don’t want to go down to the zebra crossing. They think • By Sarla Donovan FIFTH generation Banks Peninsula farmer Andrew Craw has criticised the city council over road maintenance. For the past 25 years, Mr Craw has run a sheep and beef farm in Little Akaloa. He told Bay Harbour News the road sides were not being mowed or sprayed, surfaces were breaking up and potholes were forming. It had gotten “pretty bad” over the past six months, he said, and it wasn’t just the metal roads. “The surface of the sealed road is more of a concern – it’s falling to pieces.” He said he’d rung the city council twice in the past three months, requesting a new layer of shingle and Road maintenance criticised again asking for the potholes to be fixed. But nothing has been done. “I haven’t seen a grader through on the shingle roads for as long as 12 months. The surface is falling apart and there’s no shingle (on it).” Meanwhile, in Goughs Bay, a truck dropping off winter feed for animals struggled to get out during recent heavy rain. Banks Peninsula Transport manager Rex Gebbie said it had left a “whole lot” on the side of the road at the top of the bay because it wasn’t able to safely go down and get out again. ‘there’s no cars coming I’ll just whip across here’.” She said she didn’t mind the ramp being there but worried about the traffic aspect. Sumner Green and Skate member Liza Sparrow said the new site was fully consented. “The city council identified the current location as suitable. Key considerations regarding suitability which include safety, noise, visibility and land ownership were taken into account and investigated. The city council also took advice from New Zealand Police, roading and their own consent teams and were confident in providing resource consent for the corner of Wakefield Ave and Nayland St,” she said. The group recently ran an education programme with local schools around safety and etiquette at the new location. “These are kids, they all know the road rules but they will need reminding. Please support them,” Ms Sparrow said. •HAVE YOUR SAY: What do you think of the new location? Email your views to sarla. donovan@starmedia. kiwi “We could get in alright, we just struggled to get out. There’s just not enough shingle, there’s no traction on the roads.” In January, Bay Harbour News reported almost $800,000 is being spent on new chip for gravel roads on Banks Peninsula this financial year. City council Andrew Craw manager city streets maintenance Mark Pinner said over the 2017/18 financial year about “$780,000 will be invested in the (unsealed) network. Unsealed roads are also regularly graded and maintained.” $ 1,000to be won in each store south island wide* Watties For Baby 120g Single Can Fresh NZ Quality Mark Lamb Leg Roast ANY 5 FOR $ 5 49 $ 12 99 kg Continental Cup a Soup 2-4 Pack (excludes Sensations) ANY 3 FOR $ 5 49 Cadbury Creme Eggs 4 Pack $ 4 79 ea Treasures Nappies or Nappy Pants 12-26s (excludes bulk) Fresh NZ Chicken Thigh Cutlets NEW SEASON Feijoas Loose Product of New Zealand $ 8 99 kg Value Cheese 1kg Edam or Colby Cadbury Novelty Bar Single 30-60g (excludes Luxury Flake) $ 7 99 ea $ 10 99 kg $ 9 99 ea 99 c ea Specials available South Island only from Monday 5th March until Sunday 11th March 2018 or while stocks last.