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2018 March PASO Magazine

The Story of Us. Together, we make great things happen.


BUSINESS By Meagan Friberg BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Each month, we send a set of questions to our featured business owners and then share their answers with our readers. For March, we reached out to Richard and Jon Blake, owners and operators of Paso Robles Handyman as well as Ryan Ehlinger, DVM of Main Street Animal Hospital. Paso Robles Handyman was started approximately eight years ago right here in Paso Robles by Richard. Before long, his son Jon joined in to help. Now, as business partners, this terrific father-son team takes care of a wide variety of home maintenance, repairs, and improvement needs locally and throughout the surrounding area. In business locally since 1988, Main Street Animal Hospital was founded by Dr. Dan Blake, who practiced at the Templeton location for 25 years and earned a reputation for practical affordable care in North County. Now, Dr. Ehlinger is the owner and practices full time alongside Meghan DeClue, DVM. In June, Alex Gomes, DVM will join the practice to help with a multitude of clients from San Luis Obispo to King City. Here’s what Richard and Jon, Dr. Ehlinger had to say… PASO ROBLES HANDYMAN Richard & Jon Blake What do you attribute to the success of your business and the loyalty of your repeat clients? RICHARD & JON: Of course, all of our customers and clients are such great people. They love their homes and, because of this, that love includes having regular maintenance and improvement needs taken care of. Jon and I listen to our clients and love being part of the attention to quality a homeowner deserves and delivering quality, final results. We always want the best for our customers. Do you have a slogan or motto for your business? RICHARD & JON: The slogan we have adopted and have stuck with since the beginning of our business is simple: “Let’s face it! If you were going to do would have been done by now!” Busy people, and we all are, can relate to that message. So, give us a call and we will get it done! What are your specialties and why should our readers give you a call? RICHARD & JON: Most homeowners have the need for somewhat simple maintenance tasks and improvements to be completed yet they are just lacking in time, tools or abilities. That is where we come in. In most cases, we can handle those tasks and improvements and it is our pleasure to do so. What do you like about living in this area and doing business here? RICHARD & JON: We love this area. We love the great people, the hometown atmosphere, the climate, the industry, and all of the other businesses that help us continue to be successful. It truly is an honor to live where we do and to help our neighbors and friends with their home repair, maintenance, and improvement needs. Do you have a home repair or maintenance project that you just can’t seem to complete or perhaps you just need a helping hand? Contact Richard and Jon of Paso Robles Handyman at 835- 5207 or see — they will be glad to help! MAIN STREET ANIMAL HOSPITAL Ryan Ehlinger, DVM What do you attribute to the success of your business and the loyalty of your repeat clients? DR. EHLINGER: Our business is built around two fundamental concepts – #1 being good people and #2 being good at veterinary medicine. Our doctors pride themselves on being good listeners, being kind, being compassionate, and using their veterinary degree specifically to help your pet have the best advice available regarding their health. Over years of doing this we have built an excellent reputation in the community and we have truly partnered with our clients to give them the best possible veterinary care. Do you have a slogan or motto for your business? DR. EHLINGER: We don’t have a slogan or motto. We believe in organic marketing by being great at what we do day in and day out and letting the results and the support in the community speak for itself. What are your specialties and why should our readers give you a call? DR. EHLINGER: Our hospital specializes in canine and feline medicine and surgery. We are experts in dog and cat care across all specialties including medicine, surgery, behavior, preventative care, dentistry, oncology, and care for the senior pet. We have associated specialists in radiology and orthopedic surgery that come to our clinic to serve our clients here in Templeton in the event that specialty care is needed. What do you like about living in this area and doing business here? DR. EHLINGER: We are constantly amazed and humbled by the kind and caring people that come to our business each day. People rescuing abandoned animals. People wanting to help their elderly relative’s pet. People trying to help feral cats. As veterinarians, we get to see the best part of humanity. We live in a special place and we are surrounded by special people. For the highest level of compassionate and caring veterinary care for your dog or cat, contact the professionals at Main Street Small Animal Hospital, located at 80 South Main St. in Templeton, at 805-434- 2002. See for more information. So do thousands of our readers Get seen in PASO Magazine 50 PASO Magazine, March 2018

Years and Going Strong 33Western Janitorial Supply Stays Put as Downtown Grows Going strong for 33 years, Western Janitor Supply in Paso Robles has watched the downtown transform, and plans on serving the next generation of business owners. Nestled quietly on Pine Street, between Paso Terra seafood restaurant and the future site of Hotel Cheval, WJS can be found during business hours with the door wide open and owners Karen and Linda serving thousands of supplies out of a small footprint. Through earthquakes and recession, WJS has stood proudly serving janitorial supplies to Paso Robles businesses and has no plans on vacating their trusty downtown location. “We celebrated 33 years, thanks to our wonderful customers, and we are going to be here for the next generation of business owners coming to our area,” Linda said. As Hotel Cheval expands, so does Western Janitorial Supply’s value. More rooms, more supplies it would seem. But that is not all. Hotel Cheval is expanding to the east side of Pine Street, and just across 10th street is the future site of Hotel Ava — a 151-room hotel. Down the street two blocks, at 4th and Pine streets is a five-story 103-room Oxford Suites development. Ava and Oxford are two of seven hotels in Paso Robles currently in some stage of development. That is a lot of paper towels, plungers, and other janitorial supplies that will call for action from the professional suppliers at WJS. “It is only going to help us grow. It is going to be a good thing,” Linda said. No, they are probably not going anywhere, any time soon. “We have been here a long time, and we are going to be here a lot longer.” By Nic Mattson Linda Buss and Karen Estrada in front of Western Janitorial Supply. Photo by Nic Mattson If you don’t have time to walk into the store, shop online at, or call Karen and Linda at 805- 238-2112. “We just want to let everyone know we just celebrated 33 years and we plan on being around a lot longer. We are here for our local customers.” March 2018, PASO Magazine 51

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