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TRADE AND TRENDS DaVita is a community first and a company second. Can you please elaborate on the community-based approach of DaVita and how it gets reflected in the way patients are treated? DaVita, which is Italian for ‘giving life’, is committed to providing quality dialysis care in India. A communitybased approach forms the spirit of DaVita and we take pride in the way we care for each other, our patients and our communities. Our Core Values – Service Excellence, Integrity, Team, Continuous Improvement, Accountability, Compassion and Ananda – are our beliefs and guiding principles that enable and encourage us to make the right decisions and deliver industry-leading care to our patient community. Our ‘Zero Compromise Dialysis’ policy reflects in our holistic approach to dialysis treatment with extensive patient counselling, integrated treatment plans covering dietary management, anaemia management, vaccinations and other medication management as well as individualised improvement plans for patients. As part of giving back to the community, we offer education about Chronic Kidney Disease and ways to prevent it via education camps as well as running nocost kidney screening programmes. Bridge of Life (BOL) is an international non-profit organisation, founded by DaVita, working to improve health, wellness and vitality. BOL’s mission is to improve kidney care in underserved areas of the world. We partner with them to help raise funds as well as provide volunteers for their missions. What, according to you, are the global practices in DaVita which set you apart from other dialysis providers in India? We rely on three important parameters to ensure quality dialysis services: Well-designed policies and protocols ◗ Patient comfort ◗ Infrastructure ◗ Policies and protocols: We are committed to implement global best practices in healthcare including topnotch infection-control protocols. Our operations are driven by policies and protocols defined by experts in nephrology and customised to Indian conditions. We have a dedicated clinical services team focused on patient satisfaction and tracking clinical outcomes. Patient comfort: DaVita strives to improve patients' quality of life by innovating clinical care and offering integrated treatment plans. We believe in attentive and compassionate care and have several patient comfort facilities including dialysis recliners and individual TV screens. Infrastructure: We monitor electronic patient data in real time, enabling us to take corrective measures to mitigate harms from the physiological changes that occur during dialysis. We have state-of –the-art machines with data-capture facility, bringing in expertise from DaVita USA and quality RO plants. How many new partnerships are expected in 2018? What message would you like to share with prospective hospital partners? In India, we aim to focus on improving the overall standard of dialysis care in the country. To that extent, we would like to work with like-minded and valuealigned hospital partners. We prioritise quality care over rapid expansion and, thus, have no numerical target in mind; we will open centres and work with partners based on the above objectives. We are invested in improving clinical outcomes for our patients. Any interesting update you would like to share with the readers? Kidney disease is likely to affect 1 in 10 Indians. However, the awareness about its seriousness remains low, at only 7 per cent of the total population. Hence, it is important to detect kidney disease risk factors early on, so that adequate treatment can be provided, and progression of ESRD can be mitigated. Keeping these objectives in mind, we recently collaborated with ‘Spreading Hope’, a non-profit foundation, to start a pan- India drive on kidney awareness and organ donation. Spread across 11 cities covering 9,000 kilometres, the initiative was focussed on increasing awareness on kidney disease through classroom-type sessions and no-cost kidney screenings. Kidney disease is a silent killer and there has not been enough cognizance about it in India. This collaboration is a small step towards raising the awareness level and dispelling widespread notions about renal problems. About DaVita Care India Private Limited DaVita Care India Private Limited is a part of DaVita Inc., a Fortune 500® company, and a leading provider of kidney care in India, delivering dialysis services to patients with chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease. As of October 2017, DaVita Care India Private Limited serves over 1600 dialysis patients across 25 centers in 13 cities. For more information, please visit About DaVita Inc DaVita Inc., a Fortune 500® company, is the parent company of DaVita Kidney Care and DaVita Medical Group. DaVita Kidney Care is a leading provider of kidney care in the United States, delivering dialysis services to patients with chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease. As of September 30, 2017, DaVita Kidney Care operated or provided administrative services at 2,470 outpatient dialysis centers located in the United States serving approximately 218,200 patients. The company also operated 230 outpatient dialysis centers located in 11 countries outside the United States. DaVita Medical Group manages and operates medical groups and affiliated physician networks in California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Washington in its pursuit to deliver excellent-quality health care in a dignified and compassionate manner. DaVita Medical Group's teammates, employed clinicians and affiliated clinicians provided care for approximately 1.7 million patients. For more information, please visit 52 EXPRESS HEALTHCARE February 2018

TRADE AND TRENDS nice Neotech Medical Systems launches new products THE QUALITY, Reliability and Versatility of OxyM Blenders are designed as per the standard to meet the ICU and NICU requirements. Dual Flow Meter The OxyM Blender with integrated flowmeters has been specifically designed for use in the NICU. The 0-15LPM flow meter on the left can be used to connect to a Resuscitator. The flow meter on the right, which can be fixed in 0-15, 0-3.5 or 0-1.0 LPM, can be used to connect an infant nasal cannula. Bleed Turn ON/OFF The OxyM Blender’s unique features let turn the bleed required for low on and off simply by pushing in and rotating the right hand flow meter. It saves time and reduce frustration, because there are no parts to disconnect and misplace, And the OxyM B is always ready to use. nice 5010 High/Low Flow Blender Nice 5010 Cascade Flow Meter Versatile dual range blender. Ideal for equipment needing flows from 2-120 Ipm, yet also capable of increased accuracy even at a low flow range. nice 5005 Low Flow Blender Perfect for NICU and newborn nursery or for a flow of 30 Ipm or less. Increased accuracy at even the lowest flow range. Nice 5005 Cascade Flow Meter Applications OxyM Medical Air/O2 blenders combine compressed Medical Air and Oxygen to deliver blended pressurised gas at a precise oxygen concentration (FiO2) firm bye the user. Some models are equipped with a unique gas bleed ON/OFF switch to increase accuracy when needed, conserve gas, save money and time. These blenders are suitable for respiratory applications including routine therapy, ventilator gas supply, Bubble CPAP, SiPAP, Resuscitator and critically -limited NICU procedures. nice Neotech offer different models with multiple outlet ports that deliver the same highly accurate selected FiO2. Most models can be customised to include the flowmeter attachment with a variety of flow rates available. The blenders contains an audible alarm which warns the user if either of the gas sources changes by more than 30PSI from the other. Medical air and oxygen blenders require a bleed for accuracy. The bleed on a blender is activated by the knob which is placed on the right port. This avoids the blended gas being into the air when the blender is not in use. Unique features ◗ nice 5005 and nice 5010 have gas savings ON/OFF bleed feature ◗ Available in very low to high flow capability ◗ Suited to speciality and general needs ◗ Mounting solutions for all situations ◗ All blenders are equipped with an audible alarm Blender with resuscitator ◗ To provide continuous supply of air and oxygen blenders gas for Bubble CPAP and T-Piece Resuscitator. Provides essential equipment for safe and easy delivery of neonatal CPAP ◗ Optimise lung protection and breathing support Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) supports infant breathing by providing respiratory support throughout the respiratory cycle. OxyPAP maintains the infant’s functional residual capacity by helping to prevent airway closure. CPAP promotes gas exchange in the alveoli, which acts to enhance airway patency, improve lung volume recruitment and maintain infant energy reserves, without the complications associated with endotracheal intubation. Optimal humidity (37°c, 44mg/L) with CPAP is vital to support an infant’s breathing and protect and protect its developing lungs. Optimal humidity protects the lungs to optimise outcomes for the infant by minimising airway drying, improving secretion clearance, reduce airway constriction. Features ◗ Safe and reliable The Unique Bubble CPAP generators provides consistent and accurate delivery of CPAP. The reusable pressure manifold with pressure relief valve for infant safety The manometer is provided to ensure the delivery of accurate PEEP. Rotating OxyPAP Nice 5060 Bubble CPA PEEP adjustment Knob to prevent the use error of setting the PEEP. Servo control humidifier with temperature indication with heater wire for humidity of delivered gas. ◗ Easy to use Easy to adjust the PEEP setting on the Bubble CPAP generator. Easy to set modes of humidifier Easy to fix the nasal prong with the neonates. ◗ Optimum humidification The Bubble CPAP system provides respiratory supports with body temperature, pressure saturated gas to the infant. Optimal humidity promotes mucociliary clearance and reduces the work of breathing. ◗ Infant nasal prongs Contoured nasal prongs made from non-reactive silicone along with a unique cannula body provides stability during therapy. The integrated pressure monitoring line allows the monitoring of nasal prong pressure without having lines near the infant's face Offered in seven different sizes, it can be used on a wide range of patients from premature to new born baby. ◗ Bubble generator Bubble generator provides a convenient means to apply positive airway pressure, freeing the clinician to focus on patient care, not the device. This design delivers accuracy and stability throughout the course of therapy. The ergonomic design allows airways pressure to be easily set without the cumbersome time consuming tasks normally associated with bubble devices. Water feeding port allows water to be added or removed by disconnecting the expiratory circuit. Minimum and maximum lines clearly visible in highly transparent jar with overflow container. Contact details nice Neotech Medical Systems No 85, Krishna Industrial Estate, Mettukuppam, Vannagaram, Chennai - 600095. Tamil Nadu Tel: + 91 44 2476 2594, 2476 4608 Web: EXPRESS HEALTHCARE 53 February 2018

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