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Mangere College Magazine 2017


RANJILI MUDALIAR Ranjili Mudaliar started teaching at Mangere College in 1998 as a Commerce teacher. Ranjili impressed her students and colleagues with her organised and caring ways. Her abilities became more apparent as she advanced to the positions of Dean and HOD. While Ranjili was teaching here, her son and daughter were born. She shared other family experiences with staff through the years, along with her delightful sense of humour. It was a special pleasure to have Ms Mudaliar join others to bring her culture into the staffroom with the celebration of Diwali. She also spent time with students practising in the Indian group for Polyfest. When Ms Mudaliar left during this year for a position at St Kentigern’s there were many tears. She comments: ‘Mangere College was my second home and It was very difficult for me to leave this place after 17 years of service. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the college and I am proud to say that I was part of this wonderful MC family. I liked the way the staff and SMT were so supportive, helpful and always there for me when I faced any hurdles. I miss the fun we had at the staffroom, celebrating different language weeks, organising Diwali morning tea and chatting in my corner at interval and lunch. In addition, I really miss the students as they were very respectful to me and were always willing to help. I will never replace the memories I had of MC as no other school is like MC. I wish all the staff and students of MC all the best and that they Seek the Heights.’ ROCHELLE PIKAAHU Rochelle Pikaahu always made a very positive impression on the students, staff and whanau of Mangere College with her friendly, capable ‘can-do’ attitude. Her integrity, her ability to help and support others and to make warm relationships were much valued. In her many roles from office front person to Executive Officer she grew in skills and confidence and Mangere College was very sad to see SHARON MOYLE Sharron has worked as Tutor at Mangere College in the Achievement Centre since 2009. Some years before that she was a Teacher Aide with Learning Support at our school. In her work at the Achievement Centre she has supported and advocated for many students, making great relationships with MALIA PULOKA Malia has worked at Mangere College for seven years (2010-2017) as a Maths teacher and as an Assistant Head of Department for the Maths Department in her last four months at school. She is now working in the her go. Rochelle says: ‘In 2000 I started my MC journey, working in the main office. During my 17 years at MC I worked in various roles and enjoyed every one of them. Over this time, I had the privilege of meeting remarkable students and their whanau. I witnessed first-hand the incredible talent of our students, whether it be on the sports field, through dance, music and cultural them which often continue after students have left school. She is able to make students feel safe, comfortable and confident and she sees this as the way to help their learning. She gives practical help and is a creative teacher with many skills. She has had a true vocation for this work. Mathematics Department of the University of Auckland as a oneon-one tutor for Maori and Pasifika undergraduate students. She misses the friendly staff, the Pasifika environment and especially performances, art or academic success. The staff at MC are more than just colleagues, they become your whanau. I will always treasure my time at MC and know that I am a richer person for it. Kia kaha!’ She has shared a lot of laughter and some tears with students and the teacher in the Centre and will be sorely missed. the lovely students of Mangere College. ROCHELLE WONG Rochelle started at Mangere College in March 2012 as the Head of the Learning Support Centre and SENCo. In her time here, she reintroduced collaborative learning groups and peer-to-peer learning. She brought in skills and ideas that she acquired in her time with Team Solutions and teaching in other secondary schools in Auckland. When she first started here, she shared with the Learning Support Centre staff that 8 Mangere College - 2017

ROCHELLE WONG CONTINUED... she had given herself five years at Mangere College, whereupon she would complete further university studies and move on to the next big educational step in her career. Rochelle kept quite busy during FRED WILKINGS her time at MC. She became the manager and teacher in charge for the 2nd and 1st XV Rugby teams, where many of the boys remember the fruits and snacks she would bring to their Saturday away games. She taught Year 11 Math classes, introduced Supported Learning Numeracy Standards, became a Year 9 Dean and in 2016 was the timetabler on the Senior Management Team. She will forever be remembered for her homemade lemon slices and mini red velvet cupcakes. Almost exactly five years to the date, Rochelle bid farewell to Mangere College and is now a Resource Teacher for Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) working with schools in the South Auckland area. We are very sad to be saying good bye to Mr Wilkings who has become a valued member of the MC family since he started working here in February 2011. Not only has he taught hundreds of students skills in Materials and Digital Technology but he has also been the driving force behind the Automotive programme for our seniors. He has also been involved in developing initiatives involving the mentoring and tracking of university bound students. His contribution and support of the Niuean group has been instrumental in their continued representation of our school at the Polynesian Festival. Among the many things that Mr Wilkings will miss about MC is the friendliness of the students and staff and the feeling of accomplishment when a student passes their credits or understands a new concept. He will be semiretiring to his property near the beach and will be forever glad that he chose to work at MC. We all wish him well in his future endeavours. HARITH AL DABBAGH Mr Al Dabbagh joined our school mid 2015 to take over the position of DVC teacher when Ms Brewer left. He immediately found favour with our students because he understood the importance of building relationships with them. During the time he has spent with us he has enjoyed the laughter and cultural experiences he has had with the students, including the Niuean group, and he has been impressed by the effort the school puts into building relationships with the community. He has welcomed the support that he has been given from the MC teachers and the Administration and is looking forward to becoming an ‘honourary’ Aussie as he leaves Auckland to spend time with his only son in Australia. We wish him well. BERNADETTE ARSECULARATNE Ms Arsecularatne joined us at the beginning of Term 2 as a Mathematics teacher for the year. She says that she loves teaching students as she has the opportunity to inspire them. She has enjoyed teaching students from different cultural backgrounds and had a wonderful time. She has enjoyed her early morning tutorials with her senior classes. She is a keen gardener. Ms Arsecularatne would like to thank the staff for their support and wishes staff and students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ms Arsecularatne will be travelling to her home country, Sri Lanka, at the end of the year. We wish her a safe and enjoyable trip. TARYN SLEE Ms Slee joined the Mangere College Physical Education Department this year and has made an instant impact. Ms Slee also teaches Te Reo Maori to Year 10. We celebrate her for all the extra things she has brought to Mangere College this year. Ms Slee has been instrumental in getting free trips on the Spirit of Adventure sailing ship for many of our students. This has been a life changing experience for these students and an opportunity only made possible by her hard work and determination. She also was involved in Rock quest, the Kapa Haka group and Girls Soccer. It certainly has been a busy year for her at Mangere College. Ms Slee says her favourite thing about working at MC is the passion of our students and the pride they take in their culture. Mangere College - 2017 9

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