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Mangere College Magazine 2017

Head Girl's Report

Head Girl's Report Firstly, I give glory and praise to the Heavenly Father who has blessed me beyond words. It was four years ago, when I walked through the front gates, afraid, friendless and extremely shy. Throughout my school years, I doubted myself and my ability to do things. There were always voices that told me I would never make anything of myself. I started to listen to them and gave up. My junior years were the trial years. I was on daily report, I was stood down for a week and had constant visits to the Deans. I hated school. I was only here to be around my friends. 10 Mangere College - 2017 I did many things that today I wish I never had. We all have a past; good or bad. The ‘Me’ of my past and present are two totally opposite people. We cannot change our past but we can change our future. In life we always have a choice. We can either choose to be someone we are not, just to fit in with the crowd or someone who sets goals and aims to achieve them. I chose to break free from the crowd and I am proud to say that it was due to nagging from teachers about my potential that I now stand before you as the Head Girl, 2017. An accomplishment I never thought would be mine. My fellow students of Mangere College, you do not need a title beside your name to develop leadership skills. The teachers, staff, and families here see great things in every individual at this school. It’s about time that you see it for yourself. Your mind is your strongest tool. Self-doubt will get you nowhere. If you have the right state of mind and heart to make the right choices, the course of actions that will follow will take you far. Silence the opposing voices and use this to fuel your passion and drive you. The staff at Mangere College and my family helped me to change. The school has opened doors for me that I will be forever grateful for. The Mangere College family culture that values and embraces all individuals is the school’s strength. There have been so many who have helped me throughout my journey at Mangere College, who have helped mould me into the courageous and fearless person I am today. I acknowledge my subject teachers who continued to push me forward when at times I would push back because I was not ready to settle and focus on NCEA. My time at Mangere College has come to an end and so I would like to honour some past and present teachers. One particular person has watched me grow from a little tomboy caterpillar into a fearless butterfly. She caught me when I was falling. She always said go out there and break a leg, and when I actually broke my ankle she was beside me. She taught me the fundamental skills of Volleyball and about teamwork but also how to 'A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.' apply this to life in the community. Nancy Palelei and Vai Palelei, I give you both my deepest gratitude. Volleyball provided a context I found easy to fit in. Thank you for always believing in me and making sure that in every game I played to the best of my abilities. I also acknowledge Mr Patel, Ms Bloomfield, Ms Clarke and Ms Smith. Your collective words of wisdom have encouraged me to be what I am now. I am now thankful for those many lectures. I appreciate your belief in my leadership skills that motivated me to run for Head Girl. Your words meant a lot. It told me that people had faith in me which is something I will forever cherish. Thank you to all the teachers at this school. Both staff and students have played a huge part in my life. To my friends who made me run when I didn’t want to, thank you for staying by my side. I am grateful to be surrounded by people who motivate me to better myself. To everyone in this school, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Leaders don’t always lead from the front and they aren’t always confident all the time. A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. These leaders inspire others to join them. Know your goal, work through your goals, and stir others to follow. Seek The Heights! - Akanesi Funaki

Head Boy's Report First and foremost I would like to give praise and thanks to our Heavenly Father who has watched over me and guided me throughout my time here at Mangere College. I am of Samoan, Cook Island and Maori descent. I am not rich. I’ve lived in Mangere my entire life. I am intelligent, but no more intelligent than you are. My experiences and education at Mangere College are what have made me the person I am today. I have overcome trials testing my integrity and ability, which in turn, have prepared me for the many challenges I am to face in the future. I would like to thank Mr. Zaim, for always being that one teacher who would bring up how much potential I have and my capacity to improve. And Mr Hormes, who always made the hardest subjects seem easy, but most of all, for his welcoming nature. I would like to thank all of the teachers of this school I have not mentioned, for their encouragement, their advice, and their wisdom. I would like to thank former staff, for their contribution to this school. Most of all, I would like thank my mum for always being there for me: to encourage and discipline me. I’m sure I have told you this but thank you for everything. If anyone was there for me in my life it was you, it has always been you. When I was interviewed by the Senior Leadership of this school back in 2013, the Principal then, Mr Heyes, welcomed me to the Mangere College family. It was awkward for me to hear that from someone who shared no blood with me, but I accepted his welcome, and he accepted me. Throughout my years at high school I began to realize what he had meant. I have developed strong relationships with students both past and present, with teachers and with friends I call my brothers and my sisters. And after spending nearly every day with them for 5 years, that’s what they have become to me, a family. From when I was young, I did very well academically, which instilled the belief and motivation in me that I could do great things and this has continued here at Mangere College, where I have experienced success. I, Nathan Ashin, am writing, as your Head Boy, to tell you, my peers and students of Mangere College, to uphold the values of our school. Take them with you wherever you go, whether it be work, or further study. Life does not end here, you’re yet to make a real start! From now on you can choose what happens in your life. Thank you. - Nathan Ashin 'My experiences and education at Mangere College are what have made me the person I am today.' Mangere College - 2017 11

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