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Mangere College Magazine 2017

Indian Group Even though

Indian Group Even though Mangere College has only a few Indian students, it didn’t mean that we couldn’t get a group ready for the ASB Polyfest 2017. As soon as the word went out that we would be having an Indian Group for the Polyfest, many students expressed their interest in joining this group, despite not a single person being of Indian descent. In order to keep it manageable, we decided that we would only have a five girl group. All of the girls chosen for the group were Samoans who had a passion for Indian music and dance. This could be seen in their dedication. Under the supervision of the Student Leader Gayatri Swami, ex-student Tali Tukuafu and a dance instructor Shivika Sharma, the group practised after school and on Saturdays. There was a lot of fun and entertainment for the performers and the onlookers when these girls could not keep to the beat and went all over the place during the initial days. But as the days went by, they developed a natural expression, rhythm and lipsyncing qualities. When the girls got ready for their first public performance on the dress rehearsal night, they simply wooed the crowd. Their attire, jewellery and make-up made them look like Bollywood actresses. They looked beautiful and performed flawlessly in front of students, teachers and parents. Their performance on the Diversity Stage on Thursday, March 16 was even better. Joanna, Veronika, Vera, Taena and Grace mesmerised the crowd with a performance which was backed up with a lot of pride and confidence. - Satend Sharma '[they] mesmerised the crowd with a performance which was backed up with a lot of pride and confidence!' 24 Mangere College - 2017

Kapa Haka Group Last year Mangere College didn't have a kapa haka group, so in order to get a kapa haka group up and running this year, we had to start from the beginning. After getting off to a slow start, with only three members in the group, we managed to expand the group to 28 members. In the space of 17 days, we had achieved many things including a brand new uniform, a new bracket, a new tutor, 12 after school practices, two weekend practices, plenty of kai, a bit of paperwork to complete, plenty of singing, actions and haka, karakia, team bonding exercises and one dress rehearsal performance. After an early start on the morning of our performance we made it to the Maori Stage at Polyfest 2017. We were incredibly proud of what our students achieved in a short space of time and they displayed wonderful enthusiasm and commitment to our culture. A special mention should go to Shadrack Simi for coming on board as our tutor and both mentoring and guiding our tauira towards our goal of performing at Polyfest. We are looking forward to seeing our tauira develop even further in the future. - Taryn Slee '...they displayed wonderful enthusiasm and commitment to our culture.' Mangere College - 2017 25

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