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Mangere College Magazine 2017

Back row: Zarea Kaweroa,

Back row: Zarea Kaweroa, Younis Ahmat Abdallah, Ilham Akhlaqi, Zahra Hussaini, Zahra Ibrahim, Mahdieh Ahmadi Middle row: Jane Malauulu, Ali Ibrahim, Madina Salam Khel, Hania Javed Front row: Abdul Ahmadi Absent: Izadine Ahmat Abdallah, Hadeeseh Akhlaqi Health Council The Health Council has had a committed group of students this year. During Term 1 they identified several areas where they wanted to make a difference in the school. During Term 2, they put together two proposals, which the Health Council leaders presented to Mr Webb. The proposals included offering breakfast one interval per week and looking at ways to encourage students to drink more water at school, Mr Webb supported both proposals. In Term 3, the Health Council started to offer a free breakfast club during one interval per week as well as one morning before school. This has 32 Mangere College - 2017 been successful and there are now a good number of students making the most of the free breakfast foods offered. Health Council members take turns to run the breakfast club. Their second proposal was to continue the water project they started last year with the assistance of the Health Families team. The Health Council are currently surveying students to find out if having another piped water cooler and having Mangere College water bottles would encourage the students to drink more water. They will continue to work with the Healthy Families team to find funding for this project and to encourage more students to drink more water at school. The junior students in the Health Council are planning to do some health promotion about oral hygiene and promoting good teeth cleaning during Term 4. - Heather Laxon 'The proposals included offering breakfast one interval per week and looking at ways to encourage students to drink more water at school.'

Librarians 2017 Sitting: Tala Senitofo, Wisdom Baker, Madina Salam Khel, O-Shay Murphy, Ali Ibrahim, Alec Ah-Lam, Mahdieh Ahmadi On Chairs: Katherine Searle, Campbell Talaepa, Ilham Akhlaqi, Mrs Kumar, Ms Blackwood, Ha’amonga Tu’ipulotu, Maria Moeaia Toleafoa, Gyatri Swami Standing: Zarea Kaweroa, Erana Heta, Zahra Hussaini, Zahra Ibrahim, Izadine Ahmat Abdallah, Hadeeseh Akhlaqi, Abdul Rahman Ahmadi, Younis Ahmat Abdallah, Saviour Shee, Ethan Sigglekow, Back Row: ‘Etina Kaliopasi, Tiulipe Palenapa, Anahera Heta, Blessing Taituave Fuimaono, Chu Moo Paw, Jane Malauulu and Abdirizak Abdulmanan Ahmed Absent: Samir Ali, Melila Patu, Hannah Pio, Soana Afu, Irene Luafatasaga, Julia Luamanu Kilipati, Grace Mataafa, Lealofi Sanelivi Pio, Sara-Lee Sigglekow, Vera Wilson, Reupena Kilipati, Jordan Mau’u, Adyhana Urika Filifilia and Abraham Utaatu. Library 2017 has been an interesting year for our cohesive team of librarians who are determined to improve the services of our Library. We use our initiative to help Mrs Kumar and to provide a wonderful atmosphere and vibe in the Library. The Library has held many events. For the different Language Weeks, Mrs Kumar dresses mannequins to showcase the fashions of the particular culture. The Scholars’ Club is a place where students can study for difficult exams and where teachers can help students finish off homework. There was the magnificent week when Primary School students from all around Mangere came for orientation. When they came into the Library and saw what was happening with the speakers and performers, they became excited and probably could not wait to become librarians themselves. Librarians are always helpful, and we do a variety of tasks. We clean up books and tidy the shelves. We issue and return books for our peers and we assist them in using Athenaeum (our Library system). The Library is like the heart of the school to us. Its atmosphere is tranquil and peaceful. We are Year 9 students starting our journey through Mangere College and we are joyful that we will be able to watch the Library grow during our time here. -Ethan Sigglekow and Jordan Mauu, 9HS 'The Library is like the heart of the school to us' Mangere College - 2017 33

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