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Mangere College Magazine 2017

Careers careers expo

Careers careers expo Mangere College held its own Careers Expo in August when students were choosing their options for the following year. Students were able to talk to 20 different organisations about their career choices. Some of the organisations present were Manukau Institute of Technology, AUT, The University of Auckland, New Zealand Defence Force and 42 Mangere College - 2017 many others. Mangere College students were able to discover information about courses and careers such as Hairdressing, Engineering, Hospitality, Sport, Recreation and much more. The students responded very positively to this opportunity with discussions about how good it was to learn about the requirements to be a lawyer, florist or hairdresser, for example. It was also important for Mangere College students to learn of the opportunities available in South Auckland, especially at Manukau Institute of Technology and AUT University. Also which career opportunities are available from enrolling in courses such as Information Technology, Tourism or Hospitality. The students enjoyed meeting the stall holders, some of whom were ex-students. The Social Sciences Department provided worksheets for all of the Year 10 students to complete so that they could record the information they got from the different presenters and use this information to help with their next year’s option choices. It was a successful event. - Ruth Luketina

vocational pathways experience This year was the beginning of something new and exciting for Mangere College, which was the Vocational Pathways class. Sixteen Year 13 students from Mangere College were given the opportunity to be a part of this programme, where we would attend Manukau Institute of Technology in Otara for two days and then the other three days at school (Monday-Tuesday at MIT then Wednesday-Friday at school). What the Vocational Pathway programme provided was a sneak peek into the Building and Construction Industry and Metal Technology and for us students it was a completely new experience. The majority of the class joined the Building and Construction Trade and only three students took on Metal Technology. For me, I had a fair idea of what MIT has to offer so I had a good idea of what it would be like since I did a course last year for Building Construction and Electrical for one day. During 2016 I didn't like school because I thought it was repetitive. I started struggling with studying and also hated exams. I am more of a hands-on kind of guy and was looking for something new and exciting. I started to slack off in my schoolwork. What made it worse is that I had nothing to look forward to when I came to school because not all the subjects I had were enjoyable for me. I wanted to leave school but knowing my parents, it was not an option. Then we got our option choices and I saw that they offered a Vocational Pathways in Building and Construction. I discussed this with my parents about joining the programme and they were supportive of my choice. From then on, I was looking forward to what 2017 had to offer. - Vavetuki Akama I’ve always been fascinated by the building industry and working as a carpenter. Being a part of the Vocational Pathway class has helped me get to where I want to be in the future. Manukau Institute of Technology has been a great place with a warm environment and friendly people who willingly help us to strive for success. There are many opportunities for us to take such as Building and Carpentry, and Automotive for those who are planning to get involved within those industries. MIT provided my class with the best experience and skills that will help us evolve into bigger things. Our skills and experience have given us students a step ahead of the programme and we have used these skills to gain more experience not only at MIT but at our Gateway placements working with ARA. I’ve chosen Carpentry as a career pathway because of the number of carpenters wanted here in New Zealand, but also because I’ve realized that it is something I can see myself doing in the near and long term future. MIT has helped confirm my decision to take part in the building industry. They are able to help expand our knowledge and help us develop new skills. For me, I’m glad that I have chosen to take part in the Vocational Pathway programme. I’ve learned and experienced so much from our lecturers and seen what my true capabilities are from attending MIT. I know where my future is, and that is making my way towards the building and carpentry industry. Thanks to MIT, I have the knowledge for me to get a step closer to an apprenticeship. - Debra Vaitupu Mangere College - 2017 43

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