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Mangere College Magazine 2017

WHITE Joshua Tokelau 9SI

WHITE Joshua Tokelau 9SI creative writing A glistening chandelier Fine pearls around my mother’s neck A bride elegantly walking down the aisle Smoke blowing from a chimney Washing powder in the machine A lace curtain pulled across a window Poached eggs for Saturday’s breakfast Vanilla ice cream melting in my throat Marshmallows on hot chocolate A feather pillow for a good night’s sleep Presents under the Christmas tree Snow falling delicately on a winter’s morning White - a reason to smile English Department yellow Julia Ofisa 9SI The sun in the sky The juicy round lemon The curtains hanging in my bedroom Butter sizzling in a pan Popcorn exploding in the microwave Chickens chirping Lemon juice when you’re sick Lemonade to soothe my thirst Soft icing spread on a cake The blanket on my bed Pillow massaging my head Sun tanning my skin Yellow brightens my day 44 Mangere College - 2017

the ring Teina Akama 9HS “I have finally done it!!” I shouted with pride at 3 o’clock in the morning. I covered my mouth quickly with my glue covered hands. “Can you keep it down?” mum murmured. “Sorry,” I whispered. She went back to her room. I didn’t really care because I had accomplished my greatest achievement that took 7 whole weeks to complete - my ring! “Is that it?” you may be thinking to yourself. But it’s no ordinary ring. It’s the one and only ‘hypnotizing ring’ made by yours truly, Jeff Hannington. 200+ hours spent on this project, and it wasn’t even for school or anything… well, there is something, so keep reading. I came across a video on MeTube with Penny Warping, aka the prettiest girl in school, on the thumbnail. I clicked on the link. “Hey guys,” the guy on the computer exclaimed. It’s one of ‘those’ videos again. “Do you want to gain a girl’s attention!” My eyes quickly fixed onto the computer screen. He takes out a diamond ring and then suddenly I fell asleep. That’s all I could remember. After I woke up, I tried to look for the same video. Hour upon hour I spent searching for this stupid video but I couldn’t find it. If only I had read the title. Then it came to me. I only had a glimpse but I’m pretty sure that there was a little swirly thing in the diamond. And what are swirly lines that are spinning associated with? - hypnosis. I looked on the interweb to find as much as possible about hypnotizing and hypnotizing rings. Everything that I read or watched had some kind of gold powder. So again, I searched and I found out that it was something called sleep powder. Apparently, it's found in turmeric. I went and bought some turmeric and extracted all the sleep powder I could. I got a ring and a little bit of glue. That’s literally all you need. I tested it on my pet hamster who never listened to me. It worked. Time to do it on a human. My mum came back in. I lifted up the ring so that my mum could see it. Her eyelids dropped. “Mum,” I said worriedly. She didn’t reply. Finally, after all this hard work, it finally worked. I went to school the next day excited. I saw Penny with her group of girls. I quickly walked to her and grabbed her arm and took her somewhere else. “What are doing?” she said. I stopped and showed her the ring. “You will obey me,” I said in a demanding voice. She mimicked my words. “Be my girlfriend,” I said. “I will be your girlfriend,” she replied. I was so happy. I couldn’t believe that the prettiest girl in the school was my girlfriend. We walked around the school together holding hands. Everyone stared at us. But it didn’t feel right. We kept this up for about a week until I did it. I broke it. I broke the ring. I didn’t want to trick or deceive anyone. After I broke the ring, Penny was back to normal. She had no clue about what had happened until I told her everything. She slapped me in the face several times and kicked me. It felt like I had been stabbed in the stomach with a sword while having a fish flapping on my face. That’s like the most perfect analogy ever. It didn't matter because I deserved it. I walked home feeling so guilty. The day after, at school, Penny walked up to me. I acted like I didn't see her and walked away. “Hey,” she screamed. I ignored her. A hand tapped my shoulder. “Sorry for what happened yesterday.” And that’s how we became best friends. black Makeleta Alofaki 9SI The colour code of my school shoes Shadows engulfing my bedroom at night Clothes worn at funerals Weeping for the dead Gunshots fired Words penetrating a victim’s soul Chocolate cake eaten quickly Coke cooling in the freezer Jellybeans shared with friends A glowering look Drifting into unconsciousness Closing your eyes Black can be a dark place Mangere College - 2017 45

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