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Mangere College Magazine 2017

The Principal's Report

The Principal's Report As I come to the end of my second year as principal of Mangere College I reflect on another very successful year for the school and think about the strengths of the school and the challenges we face. I am proud to be principal of Mangere College and I enjoy coming to school every day. It can sometimes be a challenging role but it is always rewarding. As a school we have so many strengths and it is important to recognise them as we reflect on the year. This is a school that has a strong sense of identity - we know who we are and we are proud of that. Our values of respect and responsibility are strong around school and in our community. When students display these values we have an excellent environment around school. Recently there has been tension in the community in the lead up to a Rugby League World Cup match between Tonga and Samoa. I was concerned that this tension would spill into school but when I spoke to students it was clear that they felt a unity at school - as one student 2 Mangere College - 2017 '...we're all MC Family here.' put it ‘we’re all MC Family here’. That feeling of family goes beyond any cultural, religious or social differences we may have and brings us together. ‘Seek The Heights’ is a strong motto for us: always aiming for the best we can do and striving for excellence. We have not reached it in some areas but we continue to improve. All these things that are strong in our school add up to the way we act and behave around school - something we are starting to call ‘The MC Way’. The way of showing pride in your school and showing respect for those around you, the way of demonstrating your responsibility and always ‘Seeking the Heights’. These things are strong in school and we want to strengthen them even more to ensure we have a school we can all be proud of. A school where students who leave are ready to go on to contribute to their community. This is ‘The MC Way’. As I look at our students I see the potential that our young people have - this is a potential that we need to recognise and develop. This potential is the future of our community - the future of Mangere. It is a potential that we as teachers have to develop. If we have strong schools in this community this potential will continue to grow and produce young leaders for Mangere. It is for this reason that I put my name forward this year as the lead principal of the Mangere Kāhui Ako - our Community Of Learning. I am honoured to work with other schools in the area to strengthen what we are doing. Our work is in its early stages but it will grow as we move into next year and collaborate for the benefit of all our students. We have a common goal and that is to work together to ensure that our schools are serving our community well and providing excellent education for our students. This year has seen a lot of change at Mangere College. The road has sometimes been a rocky one but at the same time it has been a very successful year and we are well placed to see further improvements in the future. We have a new Senior Leadership Team this year with the introduction of two new Deputy Principals - Ms Ward and Mr Whipp. ICT around the school has continued to improve with a new wireless network and the introduction of Chromebooks that will start to be used in classrooms soon. Our teachers have been examining their practice and making improvements for the benefit of our students. Despite all these changes some things remain the same - our successes at Polyfest and our improving achievement results are examples of this. This year our Samoan Group and our Cook Islands Group came first in their stages at Polyfest and our Tongan Group gained a second and third placing. This is on top of many placings in different categories across the different stages. In terms of achievement we always aim for improvement and to do better than we have done before. We have seen results getting better in each of the past four years and we aim to continue this next year. At the start of the year I challenged the senior students to achieve better results than the year group before them. They are on track to doing that and I look forward to seeing the final results in January. - Tom Webb, Principal

Mangere College Staff Back Row: Satend Sharma, Asariah Potini, Kathleen Beaton, Kerehi Warwick, Emma McCosh, Daniel Wong, Brian Aubrey, Walter Browne, Willie Tupou, Fred Wilkings, Subrail Naidu, Harith Al Dabbagh, Thomas Pearson, Kyla Matatahi, Tai Uamaki, Fisiitotoa Bloomfield, Samer Hormes Middle Row: Charlie Keung, Neville Padavatan, Alison Blackwood, Sharron Moyle, Erica Wilson, Roger Barker, Alisi Tatafu, Savitri Nadan, Raselin Imraan, Marie Campbell, Pauline Kumar, Lynn Sebastian, Rosalie Kwan, Taryn Slee, Frances McIntosh, Nalini Singh, Abtesam Salim Front Row: Malia Puloka, Mohammed Zaim, Mike Christo, Viv Maskell, Ranjili Mudaliar, Ben Euden, Mike Darragh, Rochelle Pikaahu, Deborah Ward (Deputy Principal), Tom Webb (Principal), Mele Ah Sam (Deputy Principal), Keir Whipp (Deputy Principal), Henry Fesuluaí, Ruth Luketina, Sally Hay, Viliami Bloomfield, Christina Smith, Elizabeth Tupua, Rochelle Wong, Mangere College - 2017 3

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