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Mangere College Magazine 2017

Geography This year, the

Geography This year, the NCEA Level 1 Geography programme has been developed to align with the internal assessments and increase the students’ knowledge of their local environment, which included visiting Polyfest 2017 and Te Pane O Mataoho-Mangere Mountain. For most of the students, it was their first time visiting Ihumatao. On Thursday 15th June 2017, the NCEA Level 1 Geography class of 27 students went on a field trip to Ihumatao, one of the oldest remaining and original Maori papakainga (village) in NZ. We received a warm welcome from Ihumatao Saving Our Unique Landscape ( SOUL) founder Pania Newton and Roger Fowler. Pania is a resident of Ihumatao and tangata whenua. Pania was our personal tour guide of Ihumatao, a beautiful area of land on Ohurangi Rd. Ihumatao has been designated as one of the three Special Housing Areas (SHA) in the Mangere-Otahuhu area. Fletcher 48 Mangere College - 2017 Residential Ltd are proposing the development of 500 homes on this piece of farmland. The location of the proposed SHA is adjacent to the Otuataua Stonefields Historical Reserve, a public green space where the students were given a geological tour by both Pania and Roger. The SOUL campaign against the Ihumatao SHA has been our selected Contemporary Issue for the students to explore. This was a unique internal assessment that was developed for the students in collaboration with another Geography teacher, Mrs G. Hanna; (HoD of Avondale College). The assessment encouraged students to demonstrate and provide a recommended course of action with supported evidence. Many of the students had not heard of Ihumatao, however, everyone came away with a determination to share the issues affecting Ihumatao and their peers and families. The students were able to develop their own perspectives about this local issue. Thank you very much to the Mangere College staff who supported our field trip including, Mrs Rosalie Kwan, Piri Tamahana and the University of Auckland student teacher Gabriel Woelk. The students were also able to provide recommendations and feedback from their findings to the SOUL group. Nga mihi, Ms A.Tatafu (1GEO teacher) '...Ihumatao, one of the eldest remaining and original Maori papakainga (village) in NZ.'

Languages Chinese Language Week 2017 marked the birth of Mandarin Language at Mangere College. In Chinese Language Week, my Mandarin Language Assistant and I were able to pack in plenty of cultural knowledge and activities. Some of the activities included ‘The History and Etiquette of Chopsticks’, ‘The differences of chopsticks from the Japanese, Korean and Chinese cultures’, ‘The history of Chinese Porcelain plates design and why they are always in blue tones’, ‘Paper cutting of the Han character ‘ 春 ’which means Spring in the Chinese culture’, ‘The significance of the Dragon in the Chinese culture’, ‘Spring Festival and practices e.g. red pockets ( 红 包 hóngbāo)’, ‘The importance of the colour red’, dumplings ( 饺 子 jiăozi), firecrackers ( 鞭 炮 biānpào) and much more. We also had a shared morning tea 'MC style' – a fabulous way to immerse ourselves in culture and language to deepen cultural awareness and integration. 谢 谢 大 家 Xièxiè dàjiā (Thank you everyone). - Ms Sebastian Mangere College - 2017 49

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